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Welcome to Digital Mermaids!

The concept is fairly simple. People adore mermaids. We certainly do and plan to make this a place to further enjoy them. Whether you call in your passion, hobby, or even career – there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy mermaids. We are emphasizing one approach to enjoying mermaids – being a mermaid ONLINE!

You can create a mermaid/merman avatar (or a sea monster if you wish) and explore the underwater world in virtual computer-created worlds. Imagine it – you can be sea creature of your dreams – swim, dance and make friends – in incredibly beautiful and unpolluted waters. Actually in computer worlds, maybe someone will make polluted waters to swim in also – thus far though we’ve not found that creativity expressed – and oh my, forgive us for suggesting it. We are going to start introducing you to the many ways of being an online, virtual mermaid – to coin a term – become digital mermaids! This blog will make it easier to get started and then and hopefully increase the fun as we gain experience This blog is dedicated to the exploration being DIGITAL MERMAIDS.

Terminiology: Merman versus Mermaid
Some clarification is needed right away – we do speak of mermaids as the group, or class/species. Indeed there are male (merman) and female (mermaid) of the species. Mermen exist in all shapes and sizes. The females are called mermaids – so you have the choice of being a merman or a mermaid. When speaking of the entire group – some use mers, merms and we also will also use mermaids here. So when speaking of mermaids we are probably not referring to only the females, but to the entire population. We will not nitpit and use them all interchangeably. So I guess if you want to refer to just one gender of us – you’ll have to be specific. So forgive us as we stumble bravely forward – you will see us referring to mermaids mostly but occasionally mers or merms. Lets just try to go with the flow for now

Virtual Worlds in the Internet?
There are, of course, multiple platforms, on which you can start your digital mermaid experience. One has to start somewhere, and we are starting this blog by focusing on one - the Second Life world.

Starting in Second Life Virtual World
Go to and you can download the free software. It is free to log in and choose an avatar in Second Life. And there is a lot of help there for getting started in Second Life. Use the help resources there. Hopefully we’ll get a guest blogger to write a better introduction into the second life platform soon. But for now – be independent and creative – the second life platform is very user-friendly. This blog is more concerned with helping you find the mermaid world.

Finding the Mermaid World in Second Life
2013 Sand and Sea Expo

Okay, you've arrived in Second Life with legs, arms and hopefully some clothes. Fortunately for you, the mermaids of Second Life have been working for some time to create a friendly place for you to transform yourself into a mermaid, and then to find others of the species and discover all the fun things to do and gorgeous places to visit. I helped start a group in second life called Safe Waters Foundation. Many have contributed, but at this point you need to know that it has developed to be really the best resource for getting started as a mermaid/merman. First goal for you is to find the Safe Waters Foundation Headquarters.

There are several ways to arrive at headquarters:
1. Try this Second Life URL (SLURL for short):

To use the SLURL inworld – you copy and paste it into the open chat area and then click on it to go there. If you use it in your regular browser, it will open up the second life program for you and take you there.

2. There is a search feature in Second Life. Find it, open it up and search for “Safe Waters Foundation” and it should open up a link that will get you there. If you search for mermaid – you will find a lot of other entries – more for you to explore later! Searching for the group name will get you there faster.

3. Well, the other ways is to find another mermaid and have them teleport you there. That will be hard to do unless you are really lucky or come to Second Life with friends already. So try the first two options first!

Once you have found Safe Waters Foundation Headquarters – you have found a great unofficial portal into the mermaid world of Second Life! For short, we call it SWF HQ. Here is a short list of things to do while you are at SWF HQ.

1) Find the welcome desk. There is a Welcome toolbox that will be very helpful. It looks like a big wooden toolbox sitting on the desk. Right click and buy it (for zero lindens) and you will have one. Inside are helpful notes and a few small gifts.

2) Join the Safe Waters Foundation group. There is a big blue SWF sign- left click on it and you’ll get help with joining. You can also use the SL search feature again, searching for groups this time and just follow directions. The group has open membership – anyone can join. The advantage to joining – is the group chat feature. Once you are a member, you can open up group chat – and put out a call for help. Someone always answers.

3) Also helpful is to find the mer mentor boards. They are over by one of the building entrances. These boards show you which mentors are online and helps you get in touch with them. These are people who want to help new folk so a great place to start.

4) Another suggestion: Come to a Saturday 10am (SLT) mer gathering. Every Saturday, the largest mer gathering in SL is held weekly. It is moderated, but we share news and get to know each other.

4) Check out all the walls! They are covered with mermaid places, shops and resources. Click on an interesting sign and it will usually give you a notecard that you can open up and read – but sometimes more than that. You will find so much variety to enjoy – your journey as a digital mermaid begins!

Author: GraceSWF Wrigglesworth, SWF Founder

Second Life, Linden, SLurl, and SL are trademarks of Linden Research Inc.
This blog is not affiliated with Second Life or anything else.

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