Meeting Minutes

Safe Waters Foundation Meeting 5-20-2017

[10:04] Celtic Infinity: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly Merfolk Support Group.  I will be leading today's meeting.  Welcome new and old merfolk!
[10:04] Celtic Infinity: Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life,  We bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:05] Celtic Infinity: To get all the information out there in our limited time � we use an imaginary talking stick.  Ask for it in IM when you have a new topic to introduce and I�ll call on you in turn.  If you have been passed the talking stick, please move to center stage and share a brief announcement/question/topic.
[10:05] Celtic Infinity: Now, let me ask � how was your week, merfolk?  Open chat for a couple of minutes while I wait for volunteers to share.  --> Send me an IM if you have a question or something to share with the group, and I will let you know when it is your turn.
[10:05] Marion698: wet....
[10:05] Max (lil.maximus): ribbit
[10:05] Celtic Infinity: It's pouring here off and on too
[10:05] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Fair to midly.  Didn't sleep too well last night but have the day off so it works out. :)
[10:05] Max (lil.maximus): sunny but cooler than it was, last couple days we got a taste of summer
[10:06] Max (lil.maximus): now it seems we're back to early spring, north winds lol
[10:06] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): I really think Mother Nature's in menopause.
[10:06] Celtic Infinity: Here too, Max. And I'm looking forward to the cooler weather they've predicted.
[10:06] Max (lil.maximus): lmao
[10:06] Max (lil.maximus): Christine!
[10:06] Max (lil.maximus): lol
[10:06] Max (lil.maximus): Celtic you'd like it here then
[10:06] Max (lil.maximus): lol
[10:07] Celtic Infinity: Where are you?
[10:07] Max (lil.maximus): northeast, east coast Canada
[10:07] Celtic Infinity: ooooh! That sounds lovely! The Maritimes?
[10:07] Max (lil.maximus): so yeah, two days of summer lol
[10:07] Max (lil.maximus): yep
[10:07] Celtic Infinity: Very nice!
[10:08] Max (lil.maximus): it is, it's home for me :)
[10:08] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Finnvard :)
[10:08] Finnvard: \o/
[10:08] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Tala, Finn
[10:08] Celtic Infinity: Well, let's begin with some information presented by Christine! :)
[10:08] Max (lil.maximus): tala
[10:08] Max (lil.maximus): about mother nature?
[10:08] Celtic Infinity: heehee
[10:08] Max (lil.maximus): ((sorry couldn't resist))
[10:08] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Tala Blithe.  Saw you sneaking in.
[10:09] Celtic Infinity claps for Christine
[10:09] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Anika :)
[10:09] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Hello, everyone.  For those who don't know me, I am Christine and I'm an Arielholic.
[10:09] Max (lil.maximus): giggle
[10:09] Anika Tanohora (animuska): Tala Celtic
[10:09] Anika Tanohora (animuska): :)
[10:09] Marion698: :)
[10:10] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): If you missed it, that means I *love* Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and its title character. :)
[10:10] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Ah. Thanks for the clarification. <G>
[10:10] Max (lil.maximus): ((oh, ariel, I thought you said..never mind...))
[10:10] Max (lil.maximus): :P~~~
[10:10] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie) strokes her hair.  "Took me a while to get red hair...though I don't think the bright red would work for me.  But I digress..."
[10:11] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Kyle :)
[10:11] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): I usually like to share information relevant to Ariel and TLM with I call myself the "Resident Arielholic". :)
[10:11] Marion698: tala kyle:)
[10:11] Max (lil.maximus): :)
[10:12] Kyle Gellner: Tala, me everymer
[10:12] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Tala.
[10:12] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Anyway, the news I have today is about the upcoming DCEU film "Wonder Woman".
[10:12] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Now you're prolly wonding "What does WW have to do with TLM?"
[10:12] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:12] Max (lil.maximus): ((perhaps you could explain DCEU for us unfamiliar with it))
[10:13] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Oh, sorry...
[10:13] Max (lil.maximus): ((sorry to interrupt, but I'm not fmailiar))
[10:13] Celtic Infinity: quite okay, Max :)
[10:13] Celtic Infinity: questions are always welcome :)
[10:13] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): DCEU stands for "DC Expanded Universe"'s DC Comics' answer to the highly-successful "Marvel Cinematic Universe"
[10:13] Max (lil.maximus): ah of course
[10:14] Max (lil.maximus): thanks for explaining, please continue
[10:14] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): So the DCEU includes "Man of Steel" and "Batman v Superman" as well as all the shows on the CW like "The Flash" and "Arrow".
[10:15] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Wonder Woman showed up in BvS and will have her own origin film this June.
[10:15] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): So, anyway, what does WW have to do with TLM...besides that one scene where WW dives in to save the pilot that you see in the trailer?
[10:16] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, screenwriter Allan Heinberg took a fair bit of inspiration from the Disney flick.
[10:16] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Tala, Mura.
[10:16] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): tala Kt
[10:16] Finnvard: o/ Mura
[10:16] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Murasaki
[10:17] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): tala everyone
[10:17] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Quoting �The story as I see it is The Little Mermaid, specifically Disney�s incarnation,� he says. �This is a woman who has been raised in a very protective, sheltered life, she�s curious about what life is like outside and she wants to have her own experience. She wants to be where the people are.�
[10:17] Marion698: tala mura:)
[10:17] Max (lil.maximus): ((without lawsuits) giggle))
[10:17] Finnvard: ((<- prefers the original from H.C. Andersen))
[10:18] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): He also says that "Splash" (another Disney mermaid movie) and the original 1978 Superman film were also inspirations for the story he wrote.
[10:18] Celtic Infinity: O.O
[10:18] Max (lil.maximus): oh wow
[10:18] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Pretty cool, eh? A writer for a DC film inspired by the company that now owns Marvel? ;)
[10:18] Max (lil.maximus): saw those in theater, yep I'm getting old!
[10:19] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:19] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): The entire article is here if you wanna peruse it:
[10:19] Finnvard: (( in the danish very brilliant original the mermaid dies as salt foam on the sea for her love:
[10:19] Tandigon: who has seen the latest mer movie called 'The mermaids tale' about the mers community and the two legged?
[10:19] Tandigon: its very recent
[10:20] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Anyway, if you like The Little Mermaid and feel YOU'RE an Arielholic, join the Facebook group at
[10:20] Kyle Gellner: Tala, Lotus
[10:20] Celtic Infinity: How many are in that group now, Christine?
[10:20] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): We have just under 48000 members, many who share pics and experiences.  So stop on by if you're interested
[10:20] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): 4800
[10:21] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Tala.
[10:21] Celtic Infinity: Nice!
[10:21] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Sorry...slipped on the "0" there.
[10:21] Max (lil.maximus): nice
[10:21] Celtic Infinity: Still, a healthy group!
[10:21] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie) curtsies and hands the stick back to, Celtic.
[10:21] Celtic Infinity: Thank you for the information, Christine! :)
[10:21] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): And tala to all I missed coming in.
[10:22] Finnvard: *claps for christine*
[10:22] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw) waves
[10:22] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Lotus!
[10:22] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa) waves back to Lotus
[10:22] Finnvard: o/ Lotus
[10:22] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): sorry for lateness ...battling the net lords in rl
[10:22] Celtic Infinity: Lotus, would you like to talk about the Mer Warriors?
[10:23] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): yes!
[10:23] Celtic Infinity: You're up!
[10:23] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): ?*��* Thank Youuuuuuuuuu! *��*?
[10:23] Celtic Infinity claps for Lotus
[10:23] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw) Greets you
[10:23] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:23] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): fair mers
[10:23] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): a brief word on our Blake Mer Warriors
[10:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): we are a group who resolves to keep the peace within our waters of this region by battling with pirates
[10:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): and sending them scurrying
[10:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): ;)
[10:24] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:24] Max (lil.maximus): damn pirates
[10:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): we offer free mounts, weapons, training, contests for linden and much more
[10:25] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): we have an ad board in the main hall with more details
[10:25] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): I am the commanding officer for the group but we have many other officers you can direct inquiries to
[10:25] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): Luke, Patty, Kmac, Abi, and Imy
[10:26] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): if you are interested in viewing  our events you are most welcome to spectate first
[10:26] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): thanks for your kind attentions
[10:27] Max (lil.maximus): ((sounds like something you'd do at a doctors office :P))
[10:27] Finnvard: \o/
[10:27] Celtic Infinity: Thank you, Lotus!
[10:27] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): and secondly if the net lords will it there will be group swim today
[10:27] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): thanks Celtic
[10:27] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw) hands stick back to her
[10:27] Celtic Infinity: I hear the French pirates eats frogs... so keeping them at bay is somethign we can all support :)
[10:27] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): lol
[10:27] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): ** lawdy lawdy**
[10:28] Max (lil.maximus): eep
[10:28] Max (lil.maximus): ribbit
[10:28] Celtic Infinity: I hope I didn't scare you, Max!
[10:28] Max (lil.maximus): nasty pirates
[10:28] Celtic Infinity: Next up is Murasaki!
[10:28] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): >>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[10:28] Ktahdn Vesuvino claps
[10:29] Max (lil.maximus): ?Applause?
[10:29] Max (lil.maximus): lol
[10:29] Celtic Infinity claps for Mura
[10:29] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): Tala EveryMer
[10:29] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Tala!
[10:29] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): As you can see   I have some new textures   but the most amazing things I have now are Mermaid Bras
[10:29] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): woot woot
[10:29] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): I am getting ready to add them to my collections and in my stores
[10:30] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): they also have Omega Mesh Appliers for you Mers that have mesh bodies
[10:30] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): This one I am wearing is a White Abalone
[10:30] Celtic Infinity: Very pretty!
[10:30] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): I have two shops now   one here at the Fanci's Deep Mall and one at Haven pf Mermaids
[10:31] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): If you'd like a LM to either shop I can provide one   the Haven shop has more tail textures there
[10:31] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): I also have my MP store too for those that like to browse in the comfort of your Living room
[10:31] Finnvard: \o/
[10:31] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): hehe
[10:32] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): This tail texture I am wearing is a Flying fish    I am making it for the Fantasy Faire 2018
[10:32] Celtic Infinity: I love the transparency of your tail fluke. :)
[10:32] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): \o/
[10:32] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):   || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
[10:32] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):  / \
[10:32] Celtic Infinity: That texture is awesome!
[10:32] Ktahdn Vesuvino: It is lovely.
[10:32] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): I like making transparent fins
[10:32] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): for transparecy
[10:32] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): ;)
[10:32] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): transparency too
[10:33] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): Thank you and Have a GREAT Saturday    (btw, tomorrow is my RL birthday  59 and counting!!))
[10:33] Max (lil.maximus): Happy Bday!
[10:33] Celtic Infinity: Yay! Happy Birthday, Mura!!
[10:33] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Happy birthday!
[10:33] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): Happy Birthday if I am not here
[10:33] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):         ?   APPLAUSE!!!
[10:33] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):        (             APPLAUSE!!!
[10:33] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):        *��)                 APPLAUSE!!!
[10:33] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):        �. ?� �. ?*��) �. ?*�) �. ?*�)
[10:33] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):         (�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�.. ?
[10:33] Max (lil.maximus): Hope it's a great day!
[10:33] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): :D
[10:33] Finnvard: }}o{{
[10:33] Celtic Infinity: I have a few announcements.
[10:34] Celtic Infinity: First, is that we have our first gacha in the SWF headquarters.
[10:34] Celtic Infinity: It is on the second floor and has items from Bite & Claw
[10:34] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[10:34] Celtic Infinity: 30L per play,,, 16 commons, 2 rares and 1 ultrarare
[10:35] Max (lil.maximus): bite & claw?
[10:35] Blithe Binder (blithe.lorefield) claps
[10:35] Blithe Binder (blithe.lorefield): Love her stuff
[10:35] Celtic Infinity: Some of the items are unisex, but some (the bras) are for mermaids.
[10:36] Celtic Infinity: Gracie is working on more gachas, so if you have any ideas of designers who might be interested, please let us know.
[10:36] Kyle Gellner murmurs, "I'd hope so..."
[10:37] Celtic Infinity: Gracie is doing well and will be back with us much more often now.
[10:37] Finnvard: ((dont be so uncreative kyle, they are great for storing melons too ;-))
[10:37] Celtic Infinity: She has a brand new laptop and is able to join us from Starbucks.
[10:37] Celtic Infinity: lol, Finn :P
[10:38] Max (lil.maximus): hopefully from home if she gets satellite :)
[10:38] Celtic Infinity: Yes, we're definitely hoping the satellite connection pans out soon.
[10:38] Max (lil.maximus): hope so
[10:38] Max (lil.maximus): long trip for her to Starbucks really
[10:39] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): awww
[10:39] Celtic Infinity: Second announcement, is related to RFL.
[10:39] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): I know that pain
[10:39] Ktahdn Vesuvino cheers for RFL
[10:39] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): \o/
[10:39] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):   || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
[10:39] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw):  / \
[10:39] Finnvard: *grabs his dictionary* whats RFL?
[10:39] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): Relay for Life
[10:39] Celtic Infinity: Hopefully soon, we will have an official Safe Waters Foundation team!
[10:39] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Wonderful!
[10:39] Max (lil.maximus): ooh
[10:39] Celtic Infinity: American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.
[10:39] Max (lil.maximus): great!
[10:39] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): raising funds for Cancer research
[10:40] Finnvard: Cheers to that!
[10:40] Max (lil.maximus): my mom was a survivor, lost my dad to aggressive cancer ;(
[10:40] Celtic Infinity: I have been in touch with one of the Fantasy Faire and RFL team and we're hoping to get the underwater community more involved as a whole.
[10:41] Max (lil.maximus): so very glad to hear that there will be a swf group?
[10:41] Max (lil.maximus): !
[10:41] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw) Greets you
[10:41] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:41] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): nita
[10:41] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): <----is a 29 year survivor
[10:41] Celtic Infinity: Murasaki has done quite a lot with RFL and Fantasy Faire, and we're hoping to learn a lot for her efforts :)
[10:41] Max (lil.maximus): wow
[10:42] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Yes... Mura led me down that path. Wasn't hard at all.
[10:42] Russy (ruslan.laryukov): Tala, everyone. *glug glug*
[10:42] Finnvard: ((scaring the two legged with that fin Russy? cheers for that prank =))
[10:42] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw) Greets you
[10:42] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:42] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): Russy
[10:42] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Tala.
[10:42] Russy (ruslan.laryukov) grins
[10:42] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): If anyone is interested in being a Merchant in FF  just IM me or send me a notecard    I'll contact you when the next one is ready for Appllications and I can guide you through the steps
[10:42] Celtic Infinity: Hopefully, we can gather more underwater communities into the effort and maybe have a larger underwater presence at the 2018 Fantasy Faire.
[10:43] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): I have quite a few friends now in the FF community
[10:43] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): along with the Execs
[10:43] Finnvard: On that note celtic i just talked to Gracie yesterdya. With our shrinking mer-community- we all should get the others a bit together.
[10:43] Celtic Infinity: Zander Greene has been the contact I've been working with.
[10:43] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): Shoot maybe we could have a discussion some day
[10:44] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): Elayne or Old Soul is a good one too
[10:44] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): Zander is great
[10:44] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Here's an example of mers at Fantasy Faire 2017:
[10:44] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): but I love Zander   he is very cool
[10:44] Ktahdn Vesuvino: They are all remarkable people.
[10:44] Celtic Infinity: Yes, Finn.... I've been working to try to get more of the independent mer communities to work with us in a common effort.
[10:44] Max (lil.maximus): I must have missed that
[10:44] Max (lil.maximus): hm
[10:44] Finnvard: There also is Blance on Mysts of Eyr, who earlier had the Merfolks of Mystara. She good to have in the boat.
[10:45] Celtic Infinity: Please send me her contact info, if you don't mind, Finn. :)
[10:45] Finnvard: Aye.
[10:45] Celtic Infinity: Thank you :)
[10:46] Celtic Infinity: Lotus... would you like to preview the 11:30am tour?
[10:46] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): hehe ok
[10:46] Max (lil.maximus): as long as Annie isn't leading the tour giggle
[10:47] Celtic Infinity: :P)
[10:47] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): everyone is welcome to come along on a 3 hour tour
[10:47] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): *GIGGLES*
[10:47] Max (lil.maximus): lol
[10:47] Celtic Infinity makes thunder sounds
[10:47] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw) whispers: wonders who will get the reference
[10:47] Max (lil.maximus): a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour...
[10:47] Max (lil.maximus): great, now I have that stuck in my head
[10:47] Kyle Gellner caught it
[10:47] Max (lil.maximus): thanks :P~~~
[10:47] Celtic Infinity: and the rest!
[10:47] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): we begin our tour from the sandbox
[10:47] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): at 11:30 am
[10:47] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Hey, as long as I get the Howells' money and can make out with Ginger, I'm all for it. :)
[10:47] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): to tour the seas and expect adventures at every turn
[10:48] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): ** lawdy lawdy**
[10:48] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): lol
[10:48] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): sometime we have been known to crash sims in our numbers
[10:48] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:48] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): however I will be your faithful guide
[10:48] Max (lil.maximus): uh oh lol
[10:48] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): and we have vehicles for directionally challenged swimmers
[10:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): sent a notice in group
[10:49] Ktahdn Vesuvino: So that they can get lost faster?
[10:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): see you there if you are able
[10:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): haha Ktahdn
[10:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): no
[10:49] Celtic Infinity: lol
[10:49] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): sadly I have to leave after the meeting is over
[10:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): though that can happen
[10:49] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): lots of Birthday planning to do
[10:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): the ocean is a might big place
[10:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): good luck with your birthday prep Mura
[10:50] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Hmm... what did I do for my 59th?
[10:50] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): (? . ?)
[10:50] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): that's how I discovered Mer's
[10:50] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): by exploring the oceans
[10:50] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): thanks for your attention again ?
[10:50] Celtic Infinity: Please remember to check the SWF calendar for events.. like the pod swim...
[10:51] Celtic Infinity: If you know of a mer event that isn't on the calendar, please let me, Cynthia or Maddy know and we will add it.
[10:51] Celtic Infinity: Also, if you see events that aren't occurring, please let us know that too.
[10:51] Ktahdn Vesuvino: There's one coming up today at 2.
[10:52] Celtic Infinity: That isn't on there?
[10:52] Ktahdn Vesuvino: At Chiaroscuro.
[10:52] Celtic Infinity: Oh yes, that's on the calendar :)
[10:52] Ktahdn Vesuvino: For some reason, I can't see the calendar here so I don't know what's on it.
[10:52] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Good.
[10:53] Celtic Infinity: Finally, please visit the adboards in the headquarters.
[10:53] Celtic Infinity: Adboard rentals help pay tier, and when adboard renters feel like they are getting traffic from them, then they keep renting... and that makes us happy :)
[10:54] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): Thanks so much Celtic :D
[10:54] Celtic Infinity: And please give the new gacha a try... the more successful it is, the more easily we'll be able to convince other designers to join us.
[10:55] Max (lil.maximus): ribbit
[10:55] Celtic Infinity: Are there any other announcements?
[10:55] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): you mean croak
[10:55] Max (lil.maximus): ::: CROAKS :::
[10:55] Max (lil.maximus): ~*~ CROAKS ~*~
[10:55] Celtic Infinity: lol
[10:55] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): ** lawdy lawdy**
[10:55] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): lol
[10:55] Celtic Infinity: Okay, on that note...
[10:55] Celtic Infinity: This meeting is now adjourned.  Remember our SWF Goals:
- To assist those considering a mer life
- To increase awareness in the general public that there is a mer option
- To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
- To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
- To promote the conservation of RL oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
[10:55] Max (lil.maximus): lol
[10:56] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Father Neptune, we adore you
[10:56] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Mother Venus, we implore you
[10:56] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Please look after everyone
[10:56] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): While we're having aqua fun!
[10:56] Celtic Infinity: Thank you all for joining us! Please have a happy and healthy week and we hope to see you here next time!
[10:56] Finnvard: \\o//
[10:56] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): Now THAT deserves a Huge Applause!!!
[10:56] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! :D :D :D
[10:56] Kyle Gellner: Celtic, I do have a question
[10:56] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): ****Whoo Hoo!!!!****
[10:56] Marion698: tala :)
[10:56] Max (lil.maximus): ?Applause?
[10:57] Nita (juanittabennitta): Thank you! :-D
[10:57] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Thank you for the news!
[10:57] Celtic Infinity: What's that, Kyle?
[10:57] Kyle Gellner: Besides the weekly Guided tour  that Lotus gives....
[10:57] Max (lil.maximus) flicks Russys fin
[10:57] Max (lil.maximus): :P~~~
[10:58] Kyle Gellner: Are there plans for additional tours or trips?
[10:58] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*YESSSSSS!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[10:58] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): I have the tour details so Plleeeaasee?? :) see me if you want a copy to have your own tours
[10:58] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Well, gotta be going.  Lusa em!
[10:58] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): some have asked for week day ones
[10:58] Ktahdn Vesuvino: Lusa em.
[10:58] Finnvard: Lusa Em
[10:58] Celtic Infinity: We always encourage anyone to lead a tour. Other than Lotus, nobody else that I know of has volunteered to lead.
[10:58] Max (lil.maximus): gr where were these tours the past week when I was trying to show people around here
[10:58] Ktahdn Vesuvino waves a fin
[10:58] Max (lil.maximus): lol
[10:58] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): lusa all leaving
[10:58] Kyle Gellner: Lusa Em, Christine
[10:58] Max (lil.maximus) bids you Safe Waters
[10:58] Max (lil.maximus): ?.�:*...Lusa Em... *:�.?
[10:58] Tandigon: Lusa em all mers
[10:58] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw) bids you Safe Waters
[10:58] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): ~~>>))>Lusa Em~~
[10:59] Anika Tanohora (animuska): Lusa em :)
[10:59] Kyle Gellner: OK, thank you! :-)
[10:59] Nita (juanittabennitta) this is really here ?
[10:59] Nita (juanittabennitta): Cool...
[10:59] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*You're Welcome!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[10:59] Russy (ruslan.laryukov): ((Is there any kind of notecard with mer phrases and stuff ?))
[10:59] Celtic Infinity: You're very welcome! Please let us know if you'd like to lead one :)
[10:59] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*YESSSSSS!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[10:59] Russy (ruslan.laryukov): Yayyyyy! \o/
[11:00] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): there should be a folder on the main stone in the hub
[11:00] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): with emotes and such
[11:00] Celtic Infinity: Yus! In the middle of the headquarter building.
[11:00] Kyle Gellner: I've done so in the past, but my time these days is limited
[11:00] L�TU� DeLaMer (pema.snowpaw): same here
[11:02] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa): See ya all next week    *waves her fins*
[11:02] Murasaki (murasaki.kaligawa) bids you FareWell in the tongue of Sirens
[11:02] Kyle Gellner: Lusa Em, Murasaki
[11:02] Russy (ruslan.laryukov): I shall wander. Lusa em !
[11:03] Celtic Infinity: Lusa em!

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