Meeting Minutes

Safe Waters Foundation Meeting 4-14-2018

[09:49:55] Cynthia Maine: Tala!!
[09:50:43] Turtle: Hiya L�TU� DeLaMer
[09:51:01] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Hii turtle :)
[09:51:24] Vivien0Koisera: tala
[09:51:48] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[09:51:48] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[09:52:14] Miranda Barrowstone: great thank you crash now I have to dig out my notes agauin -.-
[09:52:29] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Aqua :)
[09:52:34] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): ~~~Tala~~~
[09:52:35] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): :)
[09:52:43] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[09:52:46] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): tala aqua
[09:52:46] Turtle: Sounds fishy
[09:53:17] Miranda Barrowstone: yes turtle it does.. it sounds very fishy indeed dun dun duuuun
[09:53:26] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): hehe
[09:53:31] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[09:53:34] Mrs. Tali Ravenwood (Robin Steerpike): mmm fish
[09:53:35] Turtle: Is it dinner time?
[09:53:40] Vivien0Koisera: XD
[09:53:41] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): haha
[09:53:41] Turtle grins
[09:53:48] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): silly turle
[09:53:52] Marion698: tala all:)
[09:53:57] Mrs. Tali Ravenwood (Robin Steerpike): tala
[09:53:57] Turtle: I love mermaids
[09:54:02] Vivien0Koisera: tala
[09:54:04] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): tala
[09:54:10] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): ~~~Tala~~~
[09:54:18] Jazmyne  (mysterysmith): tala
[09:54:35] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Jazmyne and Christian :)
[09:54:43] Turtle: Hey Christian Convington
[09:54:54] Miranda Barrowstone: hey cel
[09:54:58] Christian Convington (Convington): :)
[09:55:49] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): hello two tailed one
[09:58:32] Celtic Infinity: Hi Miranda :)
[10:00:16] Miranda Barrowstone: good morning all and welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly Merfolk Support Group. I will be leading today's meeting. Welcome new and old merfolk and friends!
[10:00:40] Marion698: tala peaches
[10:00:40] Turtle: I love mermaids
[10:00:46] Mrs. Tali Ravenwood (Robin Steerpike): ^O^
[10:00:51] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Peaches :)
[10:00:52] Cynthia Maine: Peaches!
[10:01:01] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): peaches!
[10:01:01] Celtic Infinity claps for Miranda
[10:01:05] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[10:01:05] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:01:05] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Peaches :D
[10:01:12] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life, We bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:01:32] Miranda Barrowstone waves to peachies
[10:01:34] Mrs. Tali Ravenwood (Robin Steerpike): ooo ya siren over here XD
[10:01:52] Vivien0Koisera: giggles
[10:01:59] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance � please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and HUDS. We�d like you to dress low lag. Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, HUDS, and such. If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing. Thank you for your help with this.
[10:02:07] Marion698: tala einarr
[10:02:07] Turtle: Nulma Em
[10:02:07] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[10:02:07] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:02:07] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): love
[10:02:09] Einarr Highwater: Tala
[10:02:09] Turtle: Tala
[10:02:09] Einarr Highwater Greets you
[10:02:09] Einarr Highwater: ?.�:*... <*)))X ... *:�.?
[10:02:09] Einarr Highwater: ~~Tala~~
[10:02:09] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ? Pop ?
[10:02:10] Einarr Highwater: all :D
[10:02:15] Einarr Highwater: hello my love :*
[10:02:16] Einarr Highwater: hello to love: *
[10:02:20] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Einarr :)
[10:02:23] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): ~~~Tala~~~
[10:02:33] Einarr Highwater: :D
[10:02:36] Einarr Highwater: ?~~~Blooop!~~~?~
[10:02:36] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early. Please don�t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going. We don�t repeat things for latecomers � a log is posted on our blog after the meeting. This is not a place for public debate � this is a helpful place. Mer helping mer be mer!
[10:02:39] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): wink
[10:02:42] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): (? . ?)
[10:02:43] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?~~~Blooop!~~~?~
[10:02:47] Einarr Highwater: (? . ?)
[10:02:48] Einarr Highwater: (?. ?)
[10:03:04] Miranda Barrowstone: To get all the information out there in our limited time � we use an imaginary talking stick. Ask for it in IM when you have a new topic to introduce and I�ll call on you in turn. If you have been passed the talking stick, please move to center stage and share a brief announcement/question/topic.
[10:03:48] Miranda Barrowstone: Some discussion is great � but please quickly offer to give a notecard or landmark if people will IM you (that�s why we ask you to move to center) so that others will have a turn. When you have finished please pass the imaginary talking stick back to me.
[10:04:25] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority here is helping newer mers � so please if you are new and with questions � please feel free to speak up. I do lead strongly because otherwise we tend to move to chaos � but we all try to remember the priority � mer helping mer be mer.
[10:05:01] Miranda Barrowstone: So how was yer week merfolk?
[10:05:06] Celtic Infinity: It was good, thanks! How was yours, Miranda?
[10:05:08] Cynthia Maine: pretty good!
[10:05:13] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis): fun!
[10:05:16] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): week went fast
[10:05:18] Mrs. Tali Ravenwood (Robin Steerpike): mine was good
[10:05:19] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): and furious
[10:05:22] Marion698: good
[10:05:31] Einarr Highwater: yeah
[10:05:31] Einarr Highwater: yeah
[10:05:57] Miranda Barrowstone: well mine wasn't all that furious...
[10:06:06] Miranda Barrowstone: lol but not too bad.
[10:06:14] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:06:14] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:06:14] Celtic Infinity: Started with snow on Monday and ended with 75 degrees on Friday!
[10:06:22] Miranda Barrowstone: oO'
[10:06:26] Miranda Barrowstone: daaaang
[10:06:50] Celtic Infinity: Midwest Spring FTW
[10:06:55] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:07:02] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): we having ice storm now
[10:07:08] Celtic Infinity: oh no!
[10:07:10] Cynthia Maine: Oooo
[10:07:19] Miranda Barrowstone: I hope its a good spring summer... I want my garden to grow on time
[10:07:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): yeah so if I vanish suddenly you'll know why?
[10:07:26] Miranda Barrowstone: ooh man
[10:07:33] Celtic Infinity hands Lotus a blanket
[10:07:41] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): :)
[10:07:42] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?*��* Thank Youuuuuuuuuu! *��*?
[10:07:48] Miranda Barrowstone hands you a snuggly
[10:07:52] Miranda Barrowstone: Send me an IM if you have a question or something to share with the group, and I will let you know when it is your turn.
[10:07:54] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): good so far
[10:07:57] Celtic Infinity: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*You're Welcome!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[10:08:09] Miranda Barrowstone: quick announcments
[10:08:24] Miranda Barrowstone: we have ad boards which are awesome
[10:08:33] Celtic Infinity cheers for adboards
[10:09:05] Miranda Barrowstone: they are great to find new places to visit, clubs, shops, rps and more
[10:09:37] Miranda Barrowstone: if you have need of merfolk traffick please consider an ad board
[10:09:59] Miranda Barrowstone: you can post in chat about your place twice a day if you rent one
[10:10:32] Miranda Barrowstone: also check out the second floor. theres gacha machines
[10:10:34] Celtic Infinity: Group notices too
[10:10:43] Miranda Barrowstone: oh yeah that too
[10:11:17] Celtic Infinity: Greetings, Roselynn :)
[10:11:20] Miranda Barrowstone: so that in addtion to ANYONE (HINT HINT) BEING ALLOWED THE STICK HERE IS GREAT EXPOSURE
[10:11:25] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[10:11:25] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:11:25] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Rosey
[10:11:33] Miranda Barrowstone: oops caps
[10:11:40] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): the stick c.c
[10:11:41] Jazmyne  (mysterysmith): Rosey
[10:11:41] Jazmyne  (mysterysmith): -?:H?!:?-
[10:11:46] ?s??l??? ?a??? s???? (AnyaMei): Hi! ^-^
[10:12:22] Miranda Barrowstone: ok with out further ado the first recipient of the imaginary stick is Cynthia!
[10:12:31] Celtic Infinity claps for Cynthia
[10:12:37] Dahlia Bouevier claps
[10:12:45] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):         ?   APPLAUSE!!!
[10:12:45] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        (             APPLAUSE!!!
[10:12:45] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        *��)                 APPLAUSE!!!
[10:12:45] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        �. ?� �. ?*��) �. ?*�) �. ?*�)
[10:12:45] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):         (�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�.. ?
[10:12:46] Cynthia Maine: Thank you, Miranda!
[10:12:49] Cynthia Maine: Tala all!!
[10:12:49] Turtle: Tala, friend
[10:12:55] Cynthia Maine: and you, Turtle
[10:13:04] Cynthia Maine: My latest Mermaid Blog post (dated 3/26) is "Forgotten Island", and you can find it at
[10:13:13] Cynthia Maine: I have an interview in the works for my next blog post.
[10:13:30] Celtic Infinity cheers
[10:13:36] Cynthia Maine: Facebook users, look for my group, "Merfolk" and request to join.
[10:13:48] Cynthia Maine: I have a shop in the Mer Mall. It is called Gold Mermaid and it is located on the east side of the mall.
[10:13:57] Cynthia Maine: There you can find many of my items including the Turtle Companion, Karson Compass, and Weather Window.
[10:14:06] Cynthia Maine: I also have a land shop in the Gull's Wing estate with more items. JadeSnake Island (80,172,23)
[10:14:19] Cynthia Maine: On land, but very near the water
[10:14:27] Cynthia Maine: Landmarks to my shops can be found in my profile picks.
[10:14:36] Cynthia Maine: My Marketplace shop is at
[10:14:49] Cynthia Maine: I am your DJ Thursday evenings 7-9pm SLT for music and dance at Bella Flora Mer Gardens. I feature upbeat tunes and mer themed music.
[10:15:09] Cynthia Maine: To hear about ALL my DJ shows, please join my group, Gold Mermaid.
[10:15:20] Cynthia Maine: I have a notecard highlighting real estate options in Fanci's Deep. IM me for a copy.
[10:15:31] Cynthia Maine: You can also find it in Safe Waters Foundation HQ in the 'Enjoy Under the Sea' ad.
[10:15:38] Cynthia Maine: There are plenty of great locations available.
[10:15:46] Cynthia Maine: Real estate rentals help keep Fanci's Deep and Safe Waters open for everyone to enjoy.
[10:15:55] Cynthia Maine: Do you have a Mer Mall Shop?  Multiple shops and wall vendors are available now.
[10:16:07] Cynthia Maine: Visit the Safe Waters Foundation web site and event calendar at
[10:16:16] Cynthia Maine: There you will find the Video of the Month for April featuring Mermaid Hannah.
[10:16:25] Cynthia Maine: If you miss a Safe Waters meeting, the chat logs are available online:
[10:16:48] Cynthia Maine: Thank you all, back to you, Miranda
[10:16:56] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[10:17:01] Einarr Highwater: ?~~~Blooop!~~~?~
[10:17:13] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:17:13] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:17:32] Miranda Barrowstone: Lotus, the stick is now yours
[10:17:37] Miranda Barrowstone: don't run with it
[10:17:42] Celtic Infinity claps for Lotus
[10:17:44] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?*��* Thank Youuuuuuuuuu! *��*?
[10:17:45] Dahlia Bouevier claps!
[10:18:00] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[10:18:00] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:18:00] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): lovely mers!
[10:18:09] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): 2 announcements today
[10:18:41] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): 1 The Warriors will be resuming our battle activity
[10:18:57] Celtic Infinity cheers for the Mer Warriors
[10:18:58] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): and will begin practice again after a long hiatus
[10:19:10] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Plleeeaasee?? :) excuse lag chat
[10:19:29] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): we have an ad board in the main hall
[10:19:40] Miranda Barrowstone: whoot
[10:19:48] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): our story and plot line will be undergoing a fairly large change
[10:20:02] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): so I'll be adding the notecards there soon
[10:20:38] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): if you are inteterested and would like more info send me an IM  on joining
[10:21:03] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): we have free mounts , weapons etc and always have a lot of fun
[10:21:12] Einarr Highwater: :)
[10:21:41] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): we have one practice session tomorrow at 1PM SLT
[10:22:26] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): 2 every Sat that its possible we will be having group swims , sometimes pod swims
[10:22:52] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): for those who like to swim as dolphins, orcas , sharks, rays etc
[10:22:57] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): you are most welcome
[10:23:08] Peaches2U Camino: wooot
[10:23:15] Celtic Infinity cheers
[10:23:17] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): we start in the sandobx and explore various watery areas of SL
[10:23:29] Einarr Highwater: :D
[10:23:44] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): we've started a blog site and youtube channel to document our travels
[10:23:54] Celtic Infinity: Nice!
[10:24:06] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): not much there now but keep posted as we will be adding more soon
[10:24:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):
[10:24:45] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): we head out at 11:30 am SLT
[10:25:04] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): i'll send out a notification reminding everyone
[10:25:12] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): thanks for your kind attentions
[10:25:21] Celtic Infinity applauds
[10:25:21] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) passes Miranda the stick
[10:25:26] Einarr Highwater: ?~~~Blooop!~~~?~
[10:25:26] Miranda Barrowstone wants to swim as a ray and scare landers feeding the fish by swimming up the ramp "muhahahaaa"
[10:25:26] Einarr Highwater: ? ~~~ Blooop! ~~~ ? ~
[10:25:34] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): lol
[10:25:34] Turtle: Teehee
[10:25:34] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ** lawdy lawdy**
[10:25:36] Celtic Infinity: lol
[10:25:40] Einarr Highwater: :)
[10:25:58] Miranda Barrowstone: ok ^.^
[10:26:23] Miranda Barrowstone: Tala I'm Miranda and I come from Antiquity.
we have 14 sims to swim through, homes available, shopping spaces, mer spots, and active groups.
[10:26:25] Celtic Infinity claps for Miranda
[10:26:46] Miranda Barrowstone: We are inclusive, furries, humans, kids etc are welcome with open arms, we allow for merfolk toplessness underwater, but we're careful around humans because I've seen people faint at the sight of an ankle... please don't ask me what that is.. all I know is humans have them.
[10:26:51] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Miranda
[10:26:51] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[10:27:17] Miranda Barrowstone: anyway we are also proud to boast about our crafting system we call ACS we can make just about anything we want.
[10:27:45] Miranda Barrowstone: if we harvest kelp we can make rope and salads, if we harvest wood we can make spears, if we harvest obsidian we can make glass tools and jewelry.
[10:28:08] Miranda Barrowstone: heck we can even make toys and weapons now
[10:28:15] Celtic Infinity: Yay!
[10:28:24] Dahlia Bouevier: ;D
[10:28:31] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): ^_^
[10:28:31] Miranda Barrowstone: So if you have any questions, or need lms please shoot me an im. Persu em ?
[10:28:39] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:29:32] Miranda Barrowstone: ok our next speaker is Celtic ^.^
[10:29:44] Miranda Barrowstone: swim on down the stick is yours
[10:29:53] Celtic Infinity: Thank you, Miranda :)
[10:29:53] Miranda Barrowstone: cute hair
[10:29:54] Dahlia Bouevier claps!
[10:29:59] Celtic Infinity: Tala, everyone!
[10:30:01] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[10:30:04] Dahlia Bouevier greets you in merish,"Tala"
[10:30:06] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Celtic
[10:30:06] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): \o/
[10:30:06] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):   || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
[10:30:06] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):  / \
[10:30:06] Einarr Highwater: ?~~~Blooop!~~~?~
[10:30:08] Aqua (coolgirlsam Attis) claps her fins
[10:30:08] Celtic Infinity blushes... Thank you :)
[10:30:31] Celtic Infinity: I wanted to thank everyone who is helping keep th SWF events calendar up to date
[10:30:35] Celtic Infinity:
[10:31:00] Celtic Infinity: It looks like we have 15 or so events scheduled next week, so there's a lot to do out there.
[10:31:28] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): yesh
[10:31:51] Celtic Infinity: The more the merrier, though! If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting an event, please let us know so that we can try to help get everyone's attention directed to it.
[10:32:23] Celtic Infinity: Also, please make sure you visit our SWF endorsed Hangouts.
[10:32:46] Celtic Infinity: The SWF Hangouts list is a good way to find new places to explore.
[10:33:19] Celtic Infinity: If you know of any lovely underwater areas that aren't on the list, please let us know so we can speak to the owners and try to get them on it.
[10:33:56] Celtic Infinity: One of Safe Waters' goals is to help everyone find underwater things to do.
[10:34:44] Celtic Infinity: We don't care who is hosting it, and we don't care where as long as it's underwater and accessible. :)
[10:35:07] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?`*�.? YAYY ?.�*�?
[10:35:13] Einarr Highwater: ?~~~Blooop!~~~?~
[10:35:14] Einarr Highwater: ? ~~~ Blooop! ~~~ ? ~
[10:35:21] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?~~~Blooop!~~~?~
[10:35:23] Turtle: Hello preciouspoet
[10:36:01] Celtic Infinity: And it also helps those who are hosting events to have people show up, so please consider checking the SWF Event calendar if you're ever looking for something to do and visit them. :)
[10:36:28] Celtic Infinity: You can always find the SWF events calendar here...
[10:36:46] Celtic Infinity: And you can always find a SWF Hangouts list in the scroll kiosks.
[10:37:02] Celtic Infinity: we try to keep them both current... with your help. :)
[10:37:17] Celtic Infinity: Does anyone have any questions?
[10:37:55] Celtic Infinity: Thank you for your attention. :)
[10:38:02] Einarr Highwater: ?~~~Blooop!~~~?~
[10:38:03] Einarr Highwater: ? ~~~ Blooop! ~~~ ? ~
[10:38:05] Miranda Barrowstone claps
[10:38:06] Dahlia Bouevier claps! :DDD
[10:38:13] Celtic Infinity sticks a doughnut on the stick and hands it back to Miranda
[10:38:15] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[10:38:21] Miranda Barrowstone: woohoo!
[10:38:23] Celtic Infinity: as is the custom
[10:38:34] Celtic Infinity: started by Peaches :P
[10:38:45] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?la?g???
[10:38:46] Miranda Barrowstone: okay any one wish to speak?
[10:38:52] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:38:52] Turtle: Teehee
[10:39:34] Celtic Infinity: Oh! And don't forget Fantasy Faire is fast approaching!!!
[10:39:46] Marion698: yes indeed!!!!!!!
[10:39:47] Miranda Barrowstone: oh yeh!
[10:39:56] Miranda Barrowstone: if not we can open the floor to cha I mean discussion
[10:39:57] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): 5 days away isnt it?
[10:40:08] Marion698: yup
[10:40:24] Marion698: Murasaki has a booth!
[10:40:31] Celtic Infinity: While we don't have an official presence as a group, I strongly encourage you to wander through their beautiful sims.
[10:40:40] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): oh celtic did she message you?
[10:40:41] Celtic Infinity: Yus! And support Mura!
[10:40:49] Miranda Barrowstone: whooot!
[10:41:08] Celtic Infinity: I spoke to her and offered helps and she said she'd let us know when she got her actual booth.
[10:41:20] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): i saw her last night
[10:41:26] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): she has her booth
[10:41:30] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): almost ready
[10:41:44] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): said she might not make it to meeting
[10:41:45] Celtic Infinity: Oh, okay, yeah, I think I talked to her last Saturday
[10:41:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): RL
[10:42:47] Celtic Infinity: Did she say she wanted help?
[10:44:19] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): uhh
[10:44:37] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): well i was thinking maybe we can have some volunteers to help out
[10:44:58] Dahlia Bouevier raises hand! :D
[10:45:01] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): and SWF hosts and hostesses to hand out group invites
[10:45:11] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): and info on the mer world
[10:45:13] Marion698: raies her hand too
[10:45:15] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): \o/
[10:45:15] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):   || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
[10:45:15] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):  / \
[10:45:37] Celtic Infinity: Yeah, that's what I was waiting for her to confirm. If she does, then we can arrange that.
[10:45:42] Celtic Infinity: or try :)
[10:45:44] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ok can i send Mura your info volunteers ?
[10:45:54] Dahlia Bouevier: yes!
[10:46:00] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ok she wanted to talk to you about it
[10:46:03] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): but couldn't be here
[10:46:15] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): I said send her IM but maybe you didn't get it
[10:46:50] Celtic Infinity: I can send a group notice asking for volunteers and send them her way.
[10:47:03] Celtic Infinity: But I'll talk to her first.
[10:47:15] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ok great :D
[10:48:52] Marion698: okie
[10:51:16] Miranda Barrowstone: okay looks like we can wrap up early unless there is something else?
[10:51:54] Miranda Barrowstone: everyone good?
[10:52:02] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): - Cri Cri Cri Cri Cri Cri Cri  -
[10:52:02] preciouspoet: nods*
[10:52:02] Celtic Infinity nods
[10:52:04] Dahlia Bouevier: OH there is one thing!
[10:52:09] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ** lawdy lawdy**
[10:52:09] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): lol
[10:52:09] Turtle: What's so funny?
[10:52:10] Miranda Barrowstone: whats up?
[10:52:21] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): there's always something
[10:52:22] Einarr Highwater: :)
[10:52:25] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:52:25] Turtle laughs
[10:52:49] Dahlia Bouevier: haha The new TV series on HULU/Freeform, Siren! It's so good for those who havent watched it, on fridays :D
[10:52:58] Dahlia Bouevier: highly recommended
[10:53:03] Peaches2U Camino: �����.�????�.�����
[10:53:06] Peaches2U Camino:               $[G]$[������???] $[G]$
[10:53:06] Peaches2U Camino:               !$[E]$[�������??] $[E]$
[10:53:06] Peaches2U Camino:                $[T]$[��������?]$[T]$
[10:53:06] Peaches2U Camino:                $[I]$[���������]$[I]$
[10:53:06] Peaches2U Camino:                $[T]$[���������]$[T]$
[10:53:06] Peaches2U Camino:                            �����.�????�.�����
[10:53:08] Miranda Barrowstone: if I get hulu
[10:53:16] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?la?g???
[10:53:20] Peaches2U Camino: have no idea how i did that??
[10:53:23] Cynthia Maine: Send me your comments on Siren and I'll do a blog post on them
[10:53:29] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): could be worse Peaches
[10:53:31] Celtic Infinity checks Peaches' temperature
[10:53:32] Dahlia Bouevier: ah okay :DDD
[10:53:35] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ** lawdy lawdy**
[10:53:35] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): lol
[10:53:36] Turtle laughs
[10:53:49] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:53:49] Turtle grins
[10:53:53] Miranda Barrowstone: alrighty then
[10:53:55] preciouspoet: is that also on netflix?
[10:53:55] Peaches2U Camino: was worse, i did a bad gesture in church sl,
[10:54:04] Miranda Barrowstone: -=*giggles*=-
[10:54:05] Celtic Infinity: Oh dear!
[10:54:09] Peaches2U Camino: when reciting and did NOT know it was in there
[10:54:12] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF Goals:
- To assist those considering a mer life
- To increase awareness in the general public that there is a mer option
- To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
- To promote the conservation of RL oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
- To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
[10:54:14] Dahlia Bouevier: not that i know of, but right now on HUlu and Syfy
[10:54:16] Celtic Infinity: Thank you, Miranda!!!
[10:54:21] Dahlia Bouevier: thank you!! <3
[10:54:25] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): thank you Miranda ?
[10:54:27] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[10:54:28] Cynthia Maine: Good job, Miranda
[10:54:37] Miranda Barrowstone: thank you all for comming

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