Meeting Minutes

Safe Waters Foundation Meeting 8-4-2018

[09:38:40] Raks (rakshowes): Are there any new Mermen coming?
[09:38:47] Cynthia Maine: usually are
[09:39:00] Raks (rakshowes): So miss seeing a 8 pack :)
[09:39:00] Cynthia Maine: oh, NEW ones?  no idea
[09:39:42] Miranda Barrowstone: I could log on my brother but he's my alt and theres amn increased chance of chrashing
[09:39:47] Miranda Barrowstone: crashing*
[09:40:24] Raks (rakshowes): sounds like cheating to me !
[09:40:25] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I could flatten my chest and broaden my shoulders if you really wanted me to.
[09:40:38] Raks (rakshowes): I mean a real male!
[09:40:41] Raks (rakshowes): Giggles
[09:41:05] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): Sorry can't help you. :p
[09:41:37] Raks (rakshowes): smiles
[09:45:01] Miranda Barrowstone: its not cheating. I made him cause I felt like it and wanted to do an icarly joke where I live with my older artist brother
[09:45:44] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): i could always change into demo man hehe
[09:46:03] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): there's that word again!
[09:47:29] Raks (rakshowes): ohoh
[09:47:41] Miranda Barrowstone: I have a running gag where he only speaks to humans with the mer translater. we also tricked out one of aleys bumper cars and he drove us around the human world.
[09:48:11] Raks (rakshowes): I guess our pixels can be arranged into any attractive pattern lol
[09:48:18] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): it's fun to do stuff like that
[09:48:40] Cynthia Maine: Miranda is mischievous
[09:48:44] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): tala!
[09:48:46] Miranda Barrowstone: annoyed the humans in my town too
[09:48:50] Cynthia Maine: Tala, Alice
[09:48:56] Miranda Barrowstone: they were all stepfords
[09:49:13] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I also have a sea serpent tail and I scripted my swimmer to jump over boats in the blake.  It was really funny.
[09:49:28] Miranda Barrowstone: lol I love it!!
[09:49:43] Miranda Barrowstone: its so much fun to get creative
[09:49:47] Raks (rakshowes): I can imagine the sailors shaking at the helm :)
[09:50:06] Miranda Barrowstone: I like racing boats
[09:50:19] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): one of them actually said "you scared the sh*t out me"
[09:50:20] Miranda Barrowstone: morning Alice ?
[09:50:52] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): but of course I chat with them and smooth it all out.  Don't really like enemies. :)
[09:50:54] Raks (rakshowes): smiles
[09:51:01] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): goodmornngs ^_^
[09:51:07] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): tala alice
[09:51:08] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): chasing boats ish allot of fun
[09:51:21] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Tala Rusozee
[09:52:42] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): boat chasing is fun ^_^
[09:53:08] Miranda Barrowstone: even better when you out race 'em ?
[09:53:11] Raks (rakshowes): Sometimes they will take you for a ride to :)'
[09:53:15] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): hehe
[09:53:56] Miranda Barrowstone: ooooh that woud be awesome if boats can script a wake and dolphins and mers can ride it
[09:54:19] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I think that's possible
[09:54:34] Miranda Barrowstone: I heard something like that might come with cloud
[09:55:06] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): those waves you can surf on at beaches are just physical objects, and so is a boat, so I don't see why it wouldn't work
[09:55:09] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): i thought i saw a boat one time that had a water-skiing pose on the back, so would be possible
[09:55:39] Miranda Barrowstone: looks like few members today. maybe we try to fit in a Q&A
[09:55:48] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I know I've been pushed by a boat before (with a bad driver)
[09:55:52] Raks (rakshowes): Holidays.......
[09:55:57] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah ?
[09:56:09] Raks (rakshowes): Mer migration :)
[09:56:20] Miranda Barrowstone: its a holiday? I really need to get a calender
[09:56:29] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): well
[09:56:33] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I like the cold water so I will stay for winter :D
[09:56:35] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): summer vacation it is
[09:56:43] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): dunno what the holiday is but is long weekend
[09:56:46] Miranda Barrowstone: oh yeah lol
[09:57:11] Miranda Barrowstone: that mean they pick up my recyling a week after?
[09:57:20] Miranda Barrowstone: I mean a day late
[09:58:37] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): probably
[09:58:39] Cynthia Maine: Tala, Cheryl and Amyjoe
[09:58:54] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): Miranda, Cynthia, everyone
[09:58:55] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): ~~~Tala~~~
[09:59:09] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): tala
[09:59:11] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Tala Cheryl and Amyjoe
[09:59:13] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): come on over Amy
[09:59:46] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): glad to see you made it
[09:59:50] Amyjoe Mayo: waves to all
[09:59:55] Raks (rakshowes): Tala :)
[09:59:57] Amyjoe Mayo: oh y es love it here a must
[10:00:15] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): Amy and her friend were diving and I invited her to the meeting
[10:00:24] Cynthia Maine: great!
[10:00:26] Cynthia Maine: welcome!
[10:00:39] Amyjoe Mayo: yes we love mers so much
[10:00:44] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): ohhh!
[10:00:45] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): aww cool!
[10:00:56] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Tala Bernice
[10:00:59] Amyjoe Mayo: smiles brightly
[10:01:01] Bernice Galtier: ?.�:*...Tala! ... *:�.?
[10:01:06] Raks (rakshowes): I hope Amy can hold her breath well!
[10:01:08] Miranda Barrowstone: welcome ?
[10:01:13] Amyjoe Mayo: giggles
[10:01:17] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): i had my first rl mermaid swim this week. it was so much fun :)
[10:01:19] Raks (rakshowes): hehe
[10:01:27] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): wow
[10:01:28] Cynthia Maine: Ooo  cool
[10:01:30] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Ohh that is exciting
[10:01:30] Miranda Barrowstone: we can give them bubble breathers...
[10:01:55] Raks (rakshowes): and in any case swim them to the surface for air
[10:02:04] Miranda Barrowstone: or maybe find that giant magic jellyfish in Ponyo
[10:02:07] Amyjoe Mayo: i have regulator
[10:02:18] Miranda Barrowstone: that works ?
[10:02:32] Amyjoe Mayo: yes it helps me to breath such a must lol
[10:02:36] Cynthia Maine: Marion!
[10:02:39] Miranda Barrowstone: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly Merfolk Support Group. I will be leading today's meeting. Welcome new and old merfolk and friends!
[10:02:42] Marion698: tala all:)
[10:02:42] Raks (rakshowes): Tala Marion
[10:02:48] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): i'll be happy to give any pretty drowning girls mouth to mouth lol
[10:03:04] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:03:10] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life, We bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:03:14] Amyjoe Mayo: hmm
[10:03:15] Raks (rakshowes): Looks around......
[10:03:55] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance � please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and HUDS. We�d like you to dress low lag. Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, HUDS, and such. If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing. Thank you for your help with this.
[10:04:03] Miranda Barrowstone: morning Peach ?
[10:04:24] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): ~~~Tala~~~
[10:04:24] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): Peaches
[10:04:34] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early. Please don�t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going. We don�t repeat things for latecomers � a log is posted on our blog after the meeting. This is not a place for public debate � this is a helpful place. Mer helping mer be mer!
[10:04:38] Marion698 whispers: tala Peaches:)
[10:04:49] Raks (rakshowes): Tala Peaches
[10:04:59] Marion698: Tala Peaches:)
[10:05:10] Peaches2U Camino: huggles
[10:05:14] Peaches2U Camino: Taloha^^
[10:05:19] Miranda Barrowstone: To get all the information out there in our limited time � we use an imaginary talking stick. Ask for it in IM when you have a new topic to introduce and I�ll call on you in turn. If you have been passed the talking stick, please move to center stage and share a brief announcement/question/topic.
[10:05:21] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): hehe
[10:05:41] Marion698: tala Frank X
[10:05:43] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:05:57] Miranda Barrowstone: welcome
[10:06:05] Miranda Barrowstone: Some discussion is great � but please quickly offer to give a notecard or landmark if people will IM you (that�s why we ask you to move to center) so that others will have a turn. When you have finished please pass the imaginary talking stick back to me.
[10:06:10] Cynthia Maine: Hey Peaches and Frank
[10:06:20] Raks (rakshowes): Tala Frank......
[10:06:28] Peaches2U Camino: Taloha  :D
[10:06:56] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority here is helping newer mers � so please if you are new and with questions � please feel free to speak up. I do lead strongly because otherwise we tend to move to chaos � but we all try to remember the priority � mer helping mer be mer.
[10:07:12] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline) waves hi to peaches
[10:07:33] Miranda Barrowstone: So how was yer week everyone?
[10:07:36] Frank X (FrankLuczak): `Tal All
[10:07:41] Cynthia Maine: Not bad at all
[10:07:46] Marion698: hot and humid
[10:07:50] Miranda Barrowstone: yes
[10:07:51] Cynthia Maine: yeah, hot
[10:07:52] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): slept thru most of it lol
[10:07:56] Miranda Barrowstone: llol
[10:08:23] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Yes to warm
[10:08:23] Raks (rakshowes): Attacked by a  pack of squids.....
[10:08:23] Peaches2U Camino: days off would get changed right before i could escape work
[10:08:40] Miranda Barrowstone: yikes
[10:08:48] Peaches2U Camino: ooooh, raks wins  :DDD
[10:08:55] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): good week except for the one day i was sick
[10:09:02] Miranda Barrowstone: my daughter nd her best friend was able to reconnect ? and I got imed by a weirdo
[10:09:14] Miranda Barrowstone: sorry you got sick
[10:09:27] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): weirdo on sl? surely you jest lol.
[10:09:30] Miranda Barrowstone: in the summer that stinks
[10:09:48] Raks (rakshowes): IMs by wierdos is normal I think lol
[10:09:51] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): ty
[10:09:53] Miranda Barrowstone: weirdo rl I'm not a mom here, I'm 9
[10:10:08] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): oh, yikes
[10:10:26] Raks (rakshowes): Giggles
[10:10:45] Miranda Barrowstone: dude tells me he's in love with me. he saw me once... I'm like "I'm sorry guy I really gotta block you
[10:11:12] Miranda Barrowstone: any shoot me an im if you need the stick
[10:11:17] Raks (rakshowes): Best way!
[10:11:35] Miranda Barrowstone: quick annocments.
[10:11:46] Miranda Barrowstone: we have ad boards and they are awesome
[10:12:31] Miranda Barrowstone: they help you find merplaces that you might not know exists
[10:13:04] Miranda Barrowstone: like I know theres an rp for sci-fi mers in the boards...
[10:13:23] Miranda Barrowstone: so if you need mer traffick for anything
[10:14:01] Miranda Barrowstone: consider an ad board. you can post in group twice a day
[10:14:36] Miranda Barrowstone: the ad boards are great
[10:15:03] Miranda Barrowstone: we also have the merspot kiosks
[10:15:13] Miranda Barrowstone: now with out further ado
[10:15:18] SWF Kiosk 2012 (copiable) whispers: Thank you!  Your item(s) will be delivered to you in the next few minutes!
[10:15:27] Miranda Barrowstone: please welcome Cynthia
[10:15:36] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium):   (��.�� ���.�� Applause ��.���`�.��)
[10:15:36] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir) claps
[10:15:37] Raks (rakshowes): Clapps
[10:15:45] Cynthia Maine: Tala all!!
[10:15:58] Cynthia Maine: Visit the Safe Waters Foundation web site and event calendar at
[10:15:59] Raks (rakshowes): Tala!
[10:16:08] Cynthia Maine: You will also find the Video of the Month for August featuring an interview with Mermaid Hannah Fraser.
[10:16:20] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): :D
[10:16:36] Cynthia Maine: My latest Mermaid Blog post (dated 7/10) is "Mermaid in the Bay", and you can find it at
[10:16:46] Cynthia Maine: Facebook users, look for my group, "Merfolk" and request to join.
[10:16:55] Cynthia Maine: I have a shop in the Mer Mall. It is called Gold Mermaid and it is located on the east side of the mall.
[10:17:03] Cynthia Maine: There you can find many of my items including the Turtle Companion, Karson Compass, and Weather Window.
[10:17:15] Cynthia Maine: I also have a land shop in the Gull's Wing estate with more items. JadeSnake Island (80,172,23)
[10:17:22] Cynthia Maine: Landmarks to my shops can be found in my profile picks.
[10:17:30] Cynthia Maine: My Marketplace shop is at
[10:17:41] Cynthia Maine: I am your DJ Thursday evenings 7-9pm SLT for music and dance at Bella Flora Mer Gardens. I feature upbeat tunes and mer themed music.
[10:17:41] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?
[10:17:46] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Lotus
[10:17:53] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[10:17:53] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:17:54] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): ~~~Tala~~~
[10:17:54] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): Lotus
[10:18:07] Marion698: tala Lotus
[10:18:07] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Tala!
[10:18:08] Raks (rakshowes): Tala Lotus
[10:18:11] Cynthia Maine: I am also doing a land show tomorrow at 1pm slt...  if interested, IM for info.
[10:18:29] Cynthia Maine: To hear about ALL my DJ events, please join my group, Gold Mermaid.
[10:18:38] Cynthia Maine: I have a notecard highlighting real estate options in Fanci's Deep. IM me for a copy.
[10:18:48] Cynthia Maine: You can also find it in Safe Waters Foundation HQ in the 'Enjoy Under the Sea' ad.
[10:18:54] Cynthia Maine: There are plenty of great locations available.
[10:19:01] Cynthia Maine: Real estate rentals help keep Fanci's Deep and Safe Waters open for everyone to enjoy.
[10:19:09] Cynthia Maine: Do you have a Mer Mall Shop?  Multiple shops and wall vendors are available now.
[10:19:18] Cynthia Maine: If you miss a Safe Waters meeting, the chat logs are available online:
[10:19:34] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): if i ever get back online permanently i might rent here again
[10:19:40] Cynthia Maine: That is all for today.
[10:19:45] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): claps
[10:19:53] Cynthia Maine paints the talking stick gold, and passes it back to Miranda.
[10:19:56] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline) claps
[10:20:16] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:20:16] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:20:16] Miranda Barrowstone: cynth
[10:20:29] Raks (rakshowes): TU:)
[10:20:43] Miranda Barrowstone: Draschnea ? the stick is yours
[10:20:55] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): claps
[10:20:59] Raks (rakshowes): Claps
[10:21:03] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):         ?   APPLAUSE!!!
[10:21:03] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        (             APPLAUSE!!!
[10:21:03] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        *��)                 APPLAUSE!!!
[10:21:03] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        �. ?� �. ?*��) �. ?*�) �. ?*�)
[10:21:03] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):         (�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�.. ?
[10:21:05] Cynthia Maine: Tala, Lotus
[10:21:07] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): nice tail ?
[10:21:09] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir) takes the stick and chews on it.
[10:21:11] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[10:21:11] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:21:11] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): :D
[10:21:27] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Drachena ish like a swimming rainbow ?
[10:21:36] Raks (rakshowes): ouu - that old thing should not be chewed!
[10:21:43] Miranda Barrowstone: very pretty
[10:21:43] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): thanks :D
[10:21:54] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): First I'll apologize in advance for if I overload anyone with chat.  Kinda don't do this often.
[10:22:21] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I should probably study journalism.
[10:22:25] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): anyway
[10:22:31] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I'm interested in increasing our exposure, mostly on an individual level.  At the moment this is more a personal crusade, and not offical (though Cletic knows a little), but I'll happily work with the staff here.
[10:22:58] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): While mermaids of myth were reclusive, in SL we don't have to be.  There are

people out there that don't even know mers exist in SL.  I encounter them pretty often.
[10:23:16] Miranda Barrowstone: yep
[10:23:21] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): yeah :D
[10:23:27] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): Recently, I asked the owners of Elven Forest, a fairly popular fantasy hangout, to host a mer event, and they obliged.  Their

underwater area is mostly unused, but is set up as a venue with mer dances.  All of their dances this weekend will be in that

[10:23:58] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): This will help increase our exposure, because the mer presence in Elven Forest is little to none (but there is a mer area). Some folks might dig out their old tails and gain renewed interest in being a mer.  Others that don't have tails might become interested.  This is just small measure, but it will help.
[10:24:09] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): wow
[10:24:18] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): do they have a kiosk?
[10:24:38] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): Not at the moment, but I am working with Celtic on that.
[10:24:46] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): great :D
[10:24:51] Miranda Barrowstone: is it a kid friendly place?
[10:24:57] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): sounds great
[10:25:24] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): Unfortunately no.  Alice asked earlier and I completely forgot to mention it is an adult sim.  SORRY
[10:25:31] Miranda Barrowstone: ok
[10:26:00] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): Another thing we can do is get out there in the SL world.  There are water sims that do have some traffic.  Boaters are scattered

around the Blake Sea, and many gather at Siren's Isle.  I've hung out there a bit for the past few days and had some fun.  Lots of

people initiated chat with me, and most of them indicated either they had never seen a mer before, or vary rarely.
[10:26:58] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I also go to various beaches, mostly randomly, and hang out on the shore.  My AO has a crawl so I can walk around or swim if I want.  I get lost of IMs and chats.
[10:27:07] Raks (rakshowes): I do that all the time
[10:27:16] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): yay!
[10:27:36] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): This a simple and fun way to increase our presence and possibly encourage new mer.  It's more fun if you bring a friend, or many.
[10:27:45] Miranda Barrowstone: I'm trying to script a walking noob to carry me
[10:27:52] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): lol
[10:28:06] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): hehe
[10:28:08] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): And, yes, I know the Blake Sea is full of idiots, but there are also some nice, friendly people out there.  You can endure a little

nonsense for the greater good, right?
[10:28:15] Miranda Barrowstone: I might settle for buying a sedan
[10:28:29] Raks (rakshowes): Noobs walk ok - its the stairs they have trouble with
[10:28:42] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): lol
[10:28:42] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ** lawdy lawdy**
[10:28:44] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): OK that's all I have.  Does anyone have a question?
[10:29:11] Miranda Barrowstone: anyone?
[10:29:13] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Yesah
[10:29:25] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): Bueller?
[10:29:30] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): I have one ... do you have contact with the admins on that sim
[10:29:31] Miranda Barrowstone: -=*giggles*=-
[10:29:36] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): *GIGGLES*
[10:29:40] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): Oh and don't forget our group swims
[10:29:46] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): yes I do
[10:29:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Elven forest ?
[10:30:06] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): a lm to it please?
[10:30:18] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): for me as wel plz
[10:30:31] Amyjoe Mayo: me to plz
[10:30:33] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ok can you reach out and see if they would be interested in putting up an ad board and also if they want to participate in our Hunt event?
[10:30:48] Raks (rakshowes): Would it be possible to have an lm to the Mer area - Elven forest is big!
[10:30:51] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): They are a little cautious of change, which is why I wanted to do the events before asking them to do a kiosk.  I wanted to sort of smooth into it.
[10:30:53] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): tysm
[10:31:12] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ok ?
[10:31:22] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): But Celtic has the info and will do her thing
[10:31:48] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): OK I will pass the lm out
[10:31:51] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): awesome
[10:31:52] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?*��* Thank Youuuuuuuuuu! *��*?
[10:31:58] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium):   (��.�� ���.�� Applause ��.���`�.��)
[10:32:02] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[10:32:07] Miranda Barrowstone claps
[10:32:11] Raks (rakshowes): Claaps
[10:32:11] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir) hands the chewed stick back to Miranda
[10:32:15] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:32:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[10:32:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:32:24] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Mark
[10:32:29] Miranda Barrowstone makes point to get a new stick
[10:32:38] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?
[10:32:40] Miranda Barrowstone: its practically a nub
[10:32:44] Bernice Galtier: lol
[10:32:46] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ** lawdy lawdy**
[10:32:46] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): lol
[10:32:54] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): the talking pencil? lol
[10:32:58] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): � ? Hehahahahaaa  ?  �
[10:32:59] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:32:59] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): Sorry I was nervous :p
[10:33:02] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): we will call it nubby for short
[10:33:09] Miranda Barrowstone: I had one once
[10:33:11] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): (? . ?)
[10:33:18] Miranda Barrowstone: but I think it was a fever dream
[10:33:20] Raks (rakshowes): a nubby?
[10:33:25] Miranda Barrowstone: Tala I'm Miranda and I come from Antiquity.
we have 14 sims to swim through, homes available, shopping spaces, mer spots, and active groups.
[10:33:45] Second Life: Drachena Haefnir gave you Elven Forest.
[10:33:48] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): ty drach ^_^
[10:33:59] Miranda Barrowstone: We are inclusive, furries, humans, kids etc are welcome with open arms, we allow for merfolk toplessness underwater, but we're careful around humans because I've seen people faint at the sight of an ankle... please don't ask me what that is.. all I know is humans have them.
[10:33:59] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):         ?   APPLAUSE!!!
[10:33:59] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        (             APPLAUSE!!!
[10:33:59] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        *��)                 APPLAUSE!!!
[10:33:59] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):        �. ?� �. ?*��) �. ?*�) �. ?*�)
[10:33:59] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw):         (�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�. ?� *(�.. ?
[10:34:33] Raks (rakshowes): smiles
[10:34:43] Miranda Barrowstone: anyway we are also proud to boast about our crafting system we call ACS we can make just about anything we want.
[10:35:00] Miranda Barrowstone: even toys
[10:35:05] Miranda Barrowstone: if we harvest kelp we can make rope and salads, if we harvest wood we can make spears, if we harvest obsidian we can make glass tools and jewelry.
[10:35:25] Amyjoe Mayo: wow
[10:35:40] Amyjoe Mayo: loooks jewelry
[10:35:58] Miranda Barrowstone: we also have an adboard should you decide to visit
[10:36:19] Miranda Barrowstone: ^.^ any questions?
[10:37:39] Miranda Barrowstone: if not, we can turn over to a general Q&A portion.
[10:38:13] Miranda Barrowstone: any newer mers have any questions, please feel free to ask
[10:38:32] Miranda Barrowstone: or humans thats totatlly cool.
[10:38:48] Amyjoe Mayo: I will look on market for outfit
[10:38:54] Raks (rakshowes): smiles
[10:38:54] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): i have one for the group, i'm looking for a new tail that is compatible with Maityreya, any suggestions?
[10:39:17] Bernice Galtier: Cynefin
[10:39:26] Cynthia Maine: nice name
[10:39:45] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir) grins
[10:39:50] Miranda Barrowstone: do you have an lm handy for her?
[10:39:51] Marion698: the lorelei tail from cynfin
[10:39:53] Raks (rakshowes): Lorelei Bento works well
[10:40:05] Raks (rakshowes): Snap Marion lol
[10:40:06] Bernice Galtier: No, but Cynefin is on Marketplace
[10:40:17] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): ok, thanks ?
[10:40:40] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): i use gaeline's tail
[10:40:46] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I don't use maitreya, but I would suggest trying all the demos, and swimming with them, before you make a decision
[10:40:59] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): good advice ty
[10:41:22] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): yes
[10:41:34] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): especially because not all tails work with the same ao
[10:41:45] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): And also know that bento tails will override old mer animations with their own, so old dances don't look bad.  5J, which is what I use, looks bad.
[10:42:00] Marion698: yup
[10:42:13] Raks (rakshowes): I use a classic mesh tail for dances
[10:42:16] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): good to know
[10:42:25] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): yes I switch sometimes
[10:42:25] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): bento tails have a mind of there own lol
[10:42:54] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): i have enough voices in my head without my tail chipping in lol
[10:42:59] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?
[10:43:03] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): hehe
[10:43:09] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): hahaha
[10:43:13] Amyjoe Mayo: hehe
[10:43:14] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): it's a silent invader
[10:43:23] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): i gave a presentation on the bento tails before which i can re-do after
[10:45:08] Raks (rakshowes): ohh, I see an 8 pack lol
[10:45:15] Miranda Barrowstone: any other questions?
[10:45:23] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Oh oh
[10:45:23] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): someone else ask a question, i'm not sure blushing underwater is attractive lol
[10:45:31] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): miranda
[10:45:40] Raks (rakshowes): Giggles
[10:45:43] Miranda Barrowstone: yes Alice?
[10:45:48] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Do you know if there is any back fin of sorts for kid avi's
[10:45:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) Greets you
[10:45:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): >>>ooOO*Tala*OOoo<<<
[10:45:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): Yaianni
[10:46:04] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Or how to make one
[10:46:05] Raks (rakshowes): ohh
[10:46:06] Miranda Barrowstone: I haven't seen any
[10:46:23] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): any non rigged modifiable fins should work
[10:46:24] Miranda Barrowstone: and my blender skills reek
[10:46:24] Yianni Piaggio: * winks to the greeting mer* Tala
[10:46:36] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[10:46:41] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): tala
[10:47:14] Yianni Piaggio: * smiles at the echoes of "Tala'*
[10:47:16] Miranda Barrowstone: did that help Alice?
[10:47:22] Raks (rakshowes): Tala Yianni
[10:47:25] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): Imma try! thank you
[10:47:26] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): I am going to make a set of unrigged, mod, mesh fins soon.  When I do I will announce here in case anyone wants them.
[10:47:35] Miranda Barrowstone: yay
[10:47:35] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): yes yes yes
[10:47:37] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): ?
[10:48:10] Miranda Barrowstone: Ruso would you like the stick?
[10:48:33] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): sure i think i can cram this into 10 minutes...
[10:48:44] Miranda Barrowstone: ok come on down ?
[10:48:55] Raks (rakshowes): smiles
[10:49:02] Miranda Barrowstone: if not I can let Rusyou actuly have 12
[10:49:30] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): so bento tails and ao's and why things go sideways
[10:49:42] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?
[10:50:41] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): ok this is the SL skelton, taken from blender
[10:51:12] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): the new bento bones are highlighted in red, which requires new animation to move these
[10:51:42] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): most older tails like mine attach to the legs, shown in blue
[10:51:47] Raks (rakshowes): ouu
[10:51:57] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) wishes she could see th board
[10:52:07] Cynthia Maine: cam around to the front
[10:52:12] Raks (rakshowes): She looks very thin.........
[10:52:15] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): can you make it full bright please?
[10:52:22] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): its a grey panel on both sides
[10:52:38] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): LAAAAAAAAAG!~  D:<<<<<<<
[10:52:43] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): thanks :)
[10:52:49] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ok its clear now
[10:52:50] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): haha
[10:53:18] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): the one issue with the loreli tail is while it has a AO bult in, onl only moves the red bones
[10:53:41] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): so you still need a mer ao to move you upper body
[10:53:47] Raks (rakshowes): mm
[10:54:04] Marion698: yeah thats the problem
[10:54:10] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): great point
[10:54:12] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): as your legs are alpha'd out anyways, you wont see the lower animations
[10:55:29] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): so will be hit and miss with other ao's to avoid looking weird
[10:55:31] Raks (rakshowes): Why does his red bone stick out so much?
[10:55:49] Miranda Barrowstone: its a tail not what yer thinking
[10:55:56] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): thats just the sheleton for rigging to,
[10:56:08] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): it's used as a tail, and needs more bones for smooth animation
[10:56:20] Yianni Piaggio: i hope im doing this right...
[10:56:24] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): otherwise it sould bend like your knees
[10:57:28] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): the tail was more desigend in bento for t hings like neko tails etc so could be smmother animated
[10:57:28] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): a mer is born
[10:57:59] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): is why that has 6 joints in it to allow smmother movement
[10:58:06] Raks (rakshowes): Gets distracted from the bone discussion.......
[10:58:12] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): the legs only have 3
[11:00:56] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): so thats bento simplfied, and hope it helps when you wonder why only half your body moves
[11:01:16] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): thank you
[11:01:17] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[11:01:17] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[11:01:17] Miranda Barrowstone: you very much :)
[11:01:17] Raks (rakshowes): Looks at her body moving......
[11:01:19] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?
[11:01:22] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[11:01:23] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ?*��* Thank Youuuuuuuuuu! *��*?
[11:01:27] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): welcome
[11:01:28] alice ann Straw�erry ?oo? (AliceRozen): thank you!
[11:01:33] Raks (rakshowes): Claaps
[11:01:38] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline) hands miranda a pile of sawdust
[11:01:39] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium):   (��.�� ���.�� Applause ��.���`�.��)
[11:01:40] Marion698: thanl you :)
[11:01:58] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): double attack on the stick today :p
[11:02:03] Miranda Barrowstone: ok I have to close out the meeting but plrease feel free to stick around and ask more questions if you need
[11:02:07] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): em everyone
[11:02:07] Cheryl Selene (CJ Tyrellium): ~~~~Lusa Em~~~~
[11:02:09] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw) bids you Safe Waters
[11:02:09] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): ~~>>))>Lusa Em~~
[11:02:09] L�TU� DeLaMer (Pema Snowpaw): all :)
[11:02:12] Bernice Galtier: ?.�:*...Lusa em...*:�.?
[11:02:17] Raks (rakshowes): Stick around lo;
[11:02:27] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF Goals:
- To assist those considering a mer life
- To increase awareness in the general public that there is a mer option
- To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
- To promote the conservation of RL oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
- To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
[11:03:06] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): hugs to anyone who is leaving
[11:03:30] Marion698: lusa em:)
[11:03:40] Second Life: bioskyline Resident gave you bento1.
[11:03:43] Peaches2U Camino: take care all
[11:04:26] Raks (rakshowes): smiles
[11:04:44] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): by the way hi Yianni
[11:04:45] Raks (rakshowes): So nice to see males with us:)
[11:05:10] Peaches2U Camino: is there any way to make an ao that can control the mesh and the upper body??
[11:05:21] ???????? (Drachena Haefnir): yes
[11:05:50] Rusozee Bandalora (bioskyline): there we go, got both tails on now, and can see how the bento one moves vs my ao one
[11:06:02] Yianni Piaggio: long time mer, just coming back rectly... this whole bento thing is a lot to learn

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