Meeting Minutes

Safe Waters Foundation Meeting 9-16-2017

[09:52] Miranda Barrowstone: ok got one
[09:53] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Cynthia :)
[09:53] Cynthia Maine: Tala all!!
[09:53] Turtle: Nulma Em
[09:53] Cynthia Maine: hey turtle
[09:53] Turtle: Welcome
[09:53] Marion698: tala cynthia:)
[09:53] Turtle: Tala, friend
[09:54] Celtic Infinity sighs
[09:54] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????    
[09:54] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????
[09:54] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):  ? ?.? ? Tala *.:? ?? ???
[09:55] Miranda Barrowstone: can you hear the sound? it was playing on my alt...
[09:55] Celtic Infinity listens closely
[09:55] Celtic Infinity: your alt?
[09:55] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah you met her
[09:56] Celtic Infinity: Oh, I see it.
[09:56] Miranda Barrowstone: well the good news is... its not too loud
[09:56] Celtic Infinity: That's a good sound!
[09:57] Celtic Infinity: It's too bad there isn't a sim-wide sound effects channel in addition to the music and media channels.
[09:57] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): I've run across those before
[09:58] Cynthia Maine: there is a Sounds channel
[09:58] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): The only one I have though is above-ground. So not very useful
[09:58] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): *above water lol
[09:59] Celtic Infinity: Oh, I didn't know that, Cynthia!
[10:00] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????    
[10:00] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????
[10:00] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):  ? ?.? ? Tala *.:? ?? ???
[10:00] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Sandi and Anika
[10:01] Anika Tanohora (AnimusKa): Tala :)
[10:01] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Sandi and Anika :)
[10:01] Sandi Whippet: Tala
[10:01] Anika Tanohora (AnimusKa) waves ;)
[10:01] Marion698: tala sandi and aniika:)
[10:01] Sandi Whippet: Please pardon me, here mostly to observe because I am in and out from keyboard. :)
[10:02] Morveren (Aelita1999): Sandi and Anika :)
[10:02] Morveren (Aelita1999): ~~~Tala~~~
[10:02] Anika Tanohora (AnimusKa): :) Tala :)
[10:03] Miranda Barrowstone: oh
[10:03] Miranda Barrowstone: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly Merfolk Support Group. I will be leading today's meeting. Welcome new and old merfolk and friends!
[10:03] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):                 *�.�('*�.� ? �.�*�)�.�*
[10:03] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):             .�*?�`�APPLAUSE���`?*�.
[10:03] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):                 �.�*(�.�*� ? `*�.�)`*�.�
[10:03] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda
[10:03] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life, We bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:03] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:04] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance � please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and HUDS. We�d like you to dress low lag. Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, HUDS, and such. If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing. Thank you for your help with this.
[10:04] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early. Please don�t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going. We don�t repeat things for latecomers � a log is posted on our blog after the meeting. This is not a place for public debate � this is a helpful place. Mer helping mer be mer!
[10:05] Miranda Barrowstone: To get all the information out there in our limited time � we use an imaginary talking stick. Ask for it in IM when you have a new topic to introduce and I�ll call on you in turn. If you have been passed the talking stick, please move to center stage and share a brief announcement/question/topic.
[10:05] Marion698: tala munin:)
[10:05] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Munin :)
[10:05] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[10:05] Turtle: Tala, friend
[10:05] Miranda Barrowstone: Some discussion is great � but please quickly offer to give a notecard or landmark if people will IM you (that�s why we ask you to move to center) so that others will have a turn. When you have finished please pass the imaginary talking stick back to me.
[10:06] Munin (Darm Yaffle): Tala everyone
[10:06] Turtle: Tala!
[10:06] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority here is helping newer mers � so please if you are new and with questions � please feel free to speak up. I do lead strongly because otherwise we tend to move to chaos � but we all try to remember the priority � mer helping mer be mer.
[10:06] Miranda Barrowstone: So, how was your week Merfolk?
[10:06] Celtic Infinity: It was long and challenging, but thankfully over. How was yours Miranda?
[10:06] Cynthia Maine: Fin-tastic!
[10:06] Miranda Barrowstone: fairly normal
[10:07] Miranda Barrowstone: though rl mate got hired for a new job
[10:07] Munin (Darm Yaffle): I posted a one of a kine pic of electric guitar to our FB page, had a mermaid carved into it :D
[10:07] Celtic Infinity: Is that good?
[10:07] Miranda Barrowstone: its closer and pays more
[10:07] Celtic Infinity: Nice, Munin! :)
[10:07] Cynthia Maine: cool
[10:08] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ~~~~??-:�:-�:*�  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  �*:�.-:�-??~~~~
[10:08] Celtic Infinity: Oh! That's great, Miranda! Congrats to you both!
[10:08] Miranda Barrowstone: sweet dude
[10:08] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:08] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????    
[10:08] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????
[10:08] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):  ? ?.? ? Tala *.:? ?? ???
[10:08] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Ko
[10:08] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Kobold :)
[10:08] Kobold Fairey: tala
[10:08] Turtle: Tala, friend
[10:08] Miranda Barrowstone: our foster kittty finnally went home. we miss him but we're happy for the family
[10:09] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Awwww �_�
[10:09] Kobold Fairey: aww dat good doh
[10:09] Munin (Darm Yaffle):
[10:09] Miranda Barrowstone: Send me an IM if you have a question or something to share with the group, and I will let you know when it is your turn.
[10:09] Celtic Infinity: awww... that's sweet... a forever home for kitties.
[10:09] Kobold Fairey: all kittens deserve hom
[10:09] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Yes
[10:09] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): How can you say no to little fluffy kittehs
[10:09] Celtic Infinity: Yus!
[10:10] Cynthia Maine: meowers!
[10:10] Miranda Barrowstone: its about as hard as it is to say no to a crying woman
[10:10] Kobold Fairey: i can't
[10:10] Munin (Darm Yaffle): easy, i have enough of them already LOL  bed can only hodl so many cats
[10:10] Kobold Fairey: why i haz 10
[10:10] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Bellatrix :)
[10:10] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): don't mind me..........just someone who wandered back in and is right now totally messed up with all this!    :))
[10:10] Bellatrix Shadowcry: Tala :)
[10:10] Miranda Barrowstone: I once had 17
[10:10] Celtic Infinity: Buy another bed!
[10:10] Miranda Barrowstone: they stole my lunch
[10:10] Celtic Infinity: lol
[10:11] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[10:11] Turtle laughs
[10:11] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): grins    no.....I ate it!@
[10:11] Celtic Infinity: As long as you don't BECOME lunch!
[10:11] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): needed some salt!
[10:12] Munin (Darm Yaffle): omg that mermaid guitar.   14K dollars.... *cries*
[10:12] Cynthia Maine: yeeks
[10:12] Celtic Infinity: whoa
[10:12] Miranda Barrowstone: ok um there is a pod swim on the calender so I would end at 10:30 for it but if I don't hear from any one, the meeting will adjorn around 11... any way quick reminders...
[10:12] Miranda Barrowstone: we have ad boards in headquarters
[10:13] Miranda Barrowstone: they are great for finding mer related any thing.
[10:13] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): if I ever find myself back there
[10:13] Cynthia Maine: Pod swim on calendar is well after the meeting
[10:14] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): that to will be interesting.........more than likely not the same routes!
[10:14] Miranda Barrowstone: and if you need traffic to your mer-related anything please renting one because you can advertise.
[10:14] Miranda Barrowstone: well last week I got to show people my home ?
[10:15] Miranda Barrowstone: Antiquity
[10:15] Celtic Infinity: Yay!
[10:15] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): <<< ��  Cooool �� >>>
[10:15] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): sounds nice!
[10:15] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): many shell beds or couches?
[10:15] Miranda Barrowstone: anyway renting an adboard will allow you to advertise twice daily and ask for the stick at this meeting here.
[10:16] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): *zips mouth*
[10:16] Miranda Barrowstone: well it depends where you go
[10:16] Kobold Fairey: mewz?  can only speak infront of da group if you advert?
[10:17] Miranda Barrowstone: and without further ado please welcome Cythia
[10:17] Miranda Barrowstone: yes
[10:17] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): *claps*
[10:17] Kobold Fairey: lusa em then....
[10:17] Turtle: Take care
[10:17] Miranda Barrowstone: oh wait I read that wroing
[10:17] Celtic Infinity: Only if you're promoting a location/event... not for random topics.
[10:17] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): [`�.] APPLESAUCE!! [.��]
[10:17] Miranda Barrowstone: we prefer it but I don't really make it manditory
[10:17] Cynthia Maine: Thank you, Miranda!
[10:17] Celtic Infinity claps forCynthia
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: My latest mermaid blog post is titled "Sessa Nulma", and you can find it at
[10:18] Miranda Barrowstone smiles and claps
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: this one all SL merfolk should check out
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: Facebook users, look for my group, "Merfolk" and request to join.
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: I have a shop in the Mer Mall. It is called Gold Mermaid and it is located on the east side of the mall.
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: There you can find many of my items including the Turtle Companion, Karson Compass, and Weather Window.
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: I also have a land shop in the Gull's Wing estate with more items. JadeSnake Island (80,172,23)
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: Landmarks to my shops can be found in my profile picks.
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: My Marketplace shop is at
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: Here are my upcoming DJ events. Upbeat music, dancing and great friends!
*Tonight* 9/16 here at Safe Waters Foundation event area 6pm SLT
Thursday 9/21 at Bella Flora Mer Gardens 7pm SLT
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: To hear about ALL my DJ shows, please join my group, Gold Mermaid.
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: I have a notecard highlighting real estate options in Fanci's Deep. IM me for a copy.
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: You can also find it in Safe Waters Foundation HQ in the 'Enjoy Under the Sea' ad.
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: There are plenty of great locations available.
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: Real estate rentals help keep Fanci's Deep and Safe Waters open for everyone to enjoy.
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: Visit the Safe Waters Foundation web site and event calendar at
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: Watch the video of the month, check for mer hangouts, or learn more about Safe Waters Foundation.
[10:21] Cynthia Maine: Thank you all!  Back to you, Miranda!!
[10:21] Miranda Barrowstone: okay any one else?
[10:22] Miranda Barrowstone: any questions for Cynth?
[10:22] Miranda Barrowstone: ok then. My name is Miranda, I come from a place called antiquity.
[10:22] Celtic Infinity claps for Miranda
[10:23] Miranda Barrowstone: we have maybe sims to swim though and new merspots being added
[10:23] Miranda Barrowstone: many*
[10:23] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:23] Miranda Barrowstone: ((my spellcheck goes crazy))
[10:23] Celtic Infinity: heehee
[10:24] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): mine does too......opps!  sorry!
[10:24] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[10:24] Miranda Barrowstone: but anyway we are a georgian rp, we have pirates, navy , mers, furries kids, quads all welcome
[10:25] Sandi Whippet: I love Antiquity, it's been there forever - great place, great people
[10:25] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): It is a lovely place
[10:26] Miranda Barrowstone: we're not ultra strict with our history but we do try to follow it. mer toplessness is allowed underwater so no worries there
[10:26] Miranda Barrowstone: and we boast our own homegrown rp crafting system
[10:26] Miranda Barrowstone: thankyou Maddy ?
[10:27] Miranda Barrowstone: we can harvest things like kelp, sponges, wood, obsidian and make tools, food, household goods, even weapons and toys
[10:28] Miranda Barrowstone: so if you'd like an nc please let me know.
[10:28] Miranda Barrowstone: any questions?
[10:28] Sandi Whippet: Yes, plase. I haven't been there in a long time, I'd like to visit again
[10:29] Miranda Barrowstone: sure thing ?
[10:30] Bellatrix Shadowcry: Are there still seahorse races in Antiquity?
[10:30] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Marcela :)
[10:30] Sandi Whippet: ((Thank you))
[10:30] Miranda Barrowstone: well the track has to be re-done
[10:30] Marcela Moret (MarcelaMoret): tala guys
[10:30] Turtle: Tala!
[10:30] Miranda Barrowstone: some quakes and changes
[10:31] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Quakes?
[10:31] Bellatrix Shadowcry: Still alot of fun:)
[10:31] Miranda Barrowstone: now would anyone else like the stick?
[10:31] Miranda Barrowstone: ((our rp slang for terrian changes due to new parcel owners
[10:31] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[10:31] Turtle: I don't get it
[10:32] Miranda Barrowstone: its ok turtle
[10:32] Turtle smiles
[10:32] Celtic Infinity pets turtle
[10:32] Bellatrix Shadowcry: :)
[10:32] Miranda Barrowstone: any one feed him lately?
[10:32] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): I saw him with some lettuce the other day
[10:32] Celtic Infinity: I think I've seen some bite marks on the kelp
[10:33] Bellatrix Shadowcry: M7Ms
[10:33] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): I think the pirates gave it to him
[10:33] Bellatrix Shadowcry: lol
[10:33] Miranda Barrowstone: thought they were carnivores
[10:33] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): hopefully not the kelp I ate earlier!
[10:33] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[10:33] Turtle: I don't get it
[10:33] Celtic Infinity: poor turtle
[10:33] Anika Tanohora (AnimusKa) looks at the turtle and thinks of something to do with the stick...
[10:33] Anika Tanohora (AnimusKa): lol
[10:33] Turtle: lol
[10:34] Miranda Barrowstone: watched a vid where a guy was filming jelly fish and a turtle swam up and ate it
[10:34] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): rolls eyes
[10:34] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): LOOL
[10:34] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Wooooow!
[10:34] Celtic Infinity: Oh yes! I saw that!
[10:34] Anika Tanohora (AnimusKa): Funny lol
[10:34] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Life comes at you fast
[10:34] Bellatrix Shadowcry: the jelly fish or the camera
[10:34] Turtle: You're making me hungry
[10:34] Munin (Darm Yaffle): ate the jelly fish, or at the filmaker?
[10:34] Munin (Darm Yaffle): LOL
[10:34] Turtle laughs
[10:34] Celtic Infinity: lol
[10:34] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Next time, have some peanutbutter with that jellyfish, turtle
[10:35] Bellatrix Shadowcry: lol
[10:35] Turtle grins
[10:35] Miranda Barrowstone: it had two little fish friends protecting it and turtles like "nope (yomp)"
[10:35] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lool
[10:35] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): need kelp with that?   laughs
[10:35] Miranda Barrowstone: the jelly fish
[10:35] Turtle: I'm hungry
[10:35] Miranda Barrowstone: would have to be Gamora to eat the camerama
[10:35] Turtle eats a crab
[10:36] Miranda Barrowstone: see there ya go
[10:36] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): must have been an appetizer!
[10:37] Miranda Barrowstone: lol I got curious and looked for "what does a sea turtles mouth look like?"
[10:37] Miranda Barrowstone: they have more teeth that sharks
[10:37] Celtic Infinity: beaky
[10:37] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Do they brush
[10:37] Celtic Infinity: O.O
[10:37] ???s??? ????? (DeborahHursey): shrugs
[10:37] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah don't get bit by one
[10:37] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama) imagines turtle breath
[10:37] Bellatrix Shadowcry: sea floss
[10:37] Bellatrix Shadowcry: :)
[10:37] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[10:37] Turtle laughs
[10:38] Celtic Infinity: I saw several in Maui... they are adorable!
[10:39] Miranda Barrowstone: I think there is an anime about a sea turtle that falls in love with a guy on a raft
[10:39] Sandi Whippet: Maui no ka oi (My home town in Pukalani)  :)
[10:40] Celtic Infinity: Nice! I love Maui!
[10:40] Celtic Infinity: And that sounds like an adorable story, Miranda :)
[10:40] Miranda Barrowstone: I'd love to go
[10:40] Miranda Barrowstone: I'll see if I can find it
[10:41] Second Life: Miranda Barrowstone gave you Water's Edge Merhaven, Antiquity MarieGalante (31, 98, 7).
[10:41] Miranda Barrowstone: would anyone else like the stick while I search?
[10:41] Celtic Infinity: Maui is wonderful for relaxing.
[10:43] Second Life: Miranda Barrowstone gave you Antiquity Visitors Center.
[10:44] Sandi Whippet: Keiki aloha, ku'u home'o kaha'a lu'u. (Though I can return, I cannot go "back")  :)
[10:45] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Mura :)
[10:45] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????    
[10:45] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????
[10:45] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):  ? ?.? ? Tala *.:? ?? ???
[10:45] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Murasaki
[10:45] Murasaki (Murasaki Kaligawa): EveryMer
[10:45] Miranda Barrowstone: oh! its studio gibli film called "Red Turtle"
[10:45] Murasaki (Murasaki Kaligawa) sends Greetings <*))><
[10:45] Turtle: Are you talking about me?
[10:45] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Mura
[10:45] Miranda Barrowstone: is there a pos swim today?
[10:46] Miranda Barrowstone: pod*
[10:46] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????    
[10:46] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ????
[10:46] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):  ? ?.? ? Tala *.:? ?? ???
[10:46] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Tavish
[10:46] Tavish McConach: Tala
[10:46] Miranda Barrowstone: no turle this one is red
[10:46] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Tavish
[10:47] Celtic Infinity: Thank you for looking that up, Miranda :)
[10:47] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:47] Miranda Barrowstone: yer welcome. I wanna see if I can go buy it now
[10:48] Tavish McConach: Tala, Celtic
[10:51] Miranda Barrowstone: its a studio gibli film so you know its gonna be good
[10:52] Miranda Barrowstone: well seeing as we have no other speakers... remionders..
[10:52] Miranda Barrowstone: Remember to visit the Safe Waters Foundation web site at
Cynthia's latest mermaid blog post is at
There is a growing community of real life merfolk at
[10:53] Cynthia Maine: Thank you, Miranda
[10:53] Miranda Barrowstone: sure thing ?
[10:54] Miranda Barrowstone: please remember to check out thew gachas on the second floor
[10:54] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF Goals:
- To assist those considering a mer life
- To increase awareness in the general public that there is a mer option
- To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
- To promote the conservation of RL oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
- To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
[10:54] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):                 *�.�('*�.� ? �.�*�)�.�*
[10:54] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):             .�*?�`�APPLAUSE���`?*�.
[10:54] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama):                 �.�*(�.�*� ? `*�.�)`*�.�
[10:54] Celtic Infinity: Thank you, Miranda!! ?
[10:54] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:54] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Thank you for leading today, Miranda
[10:54] Miranda Barrowstone: yer welcome
[10:55] Miranda Barrowstone: I'd love to stay and chat but I gotta pick up my neice
[10:55] Celtic Infinity: Thank you all for joining us! Please have a happy and healthy week and we hope you'll join us again next week! :)
[10:55] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): everyone
[10:55] Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): ���`�.�??� ??? ???sa ?m...??? �??�.���`�
[10:55] Sandi Whippet: Thank you

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