Meeting Minutes

Safe Waters Foundation Meeting 5-9-2020

[09:31] Miranda Barrowstone: morning Cynth ㋡
[09:32] Cynthia Maine: Morning!
[09:32] Miranda Barrowstone: you'll have a share I thake it?
[09:32] Miranda Barrowstone: take*
[09:32] Cynthia Maine: yes
[09:32] Miranda Barrowstone: okey dokey
[09:45] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): hiii
[09:45] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[09:47] Celtic Infinity: Tala, everyone!
[09:47] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): hey celtic
[09:48] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Jj! :)
[09:48] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Blithe :)
[09:48] Blithe Binder (blithe.lorefield): Tala Celtic  :)
[09:48] Miranda Barrowstone: good morning
[09:48] Blithe Binder (blithe.lorefield): Tala everyone
[09:50] Celtic Infinity: Good afternoon, Miranda :)
[09:54] Miranda Barrowstone: well it was morning an hour ago. I'm barely awake
[09:55] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): lol i know the feeling
[09:55] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Bernice :)
[09:55] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Mahogany :)
[09:55] Mahogany Dejavu: Tala Celtic!!
[09:55] Mahogany Dejavu: Tala Everyone!
[09:56] Bernice Galtier: ☆.•:*...Tala! ... *:•.☆
[09:56] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi) waves a fin
[09:56] Mahogany Dejavu: Tala Bernice!
[09:57] Bernice Galtier waves to Mahogany
[09:57] Bernice Galtier: I hope I'm not sitting on anyone. I can't see anybody but Miss JJ
[09:57] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): you're good, bernice
[09:57] Bernice Galtier: Thanks
[09:57] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): yw
[09:57] Celtic Infinity: You have successful aim, Bernice! :)
[09:57] Bernice Galtier: I see dots on the map, but no mermaids. lol
[09:58] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): i guess sl is still having some problems with being overloaded
[09:58] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): stuff has been wonky lately
[09:58] Mahogany Dejavu: We wee you and you're looking great!
[09:58] Mahogany Dejavu: See*
[09:58] Bernice Galtier: Very wonky
[09:58] Bernice Galtier: Thank you, Mahogany
[09:58] Mahogany Dejavu: why does it have to be wonky on the weekends
[09:58] Bernice Galtier: Because it's evil?
[09:59] Mahogany Dejavu: heehee
[09:59] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): my custom shape i made and wear with all my avs somehow got corrupted last week.. so i have to go through all my saved avs and update them with the new one i had to make, lol
[09:59] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): sl is trippin
[09:59] Bernice Galtier: Oh dear. That's a pain.
[09:59] Mahogany Dejavu: uggss
[09:59] Bernice Galtier: I had to do that with my AO. I hitched a ride on somebody's boat and it killed my AO. Fortunately I had a backup copy.
[10:00] Miranda Barrowstone: mornibg
[10:00] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Sylvan :)
[10:00] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Tala to all. :)
[10:00] Bernice Galtier: ☆.•:*...Tala! ... *:•.☆
[10:00] Mahogany Dejavu: ¨°o.O Tala O.o°¨
[10:00] Cynthia Maine: Tala!
[10:00] Peaches2U Camino: Tala!
[10:01] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): hi everyone coming in
[10:01] Miranda Barrowstone: good morning and
Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly Merfolk Support Group.  I will be leading today's meeting.  Welcome new and old merfolk and friends!
[10:01] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda and huggles Peaches
[10:01] Peaches2U Camino: HUGGLES Celtic^^
[10:01] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life,  We bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:01] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Shark Bait :)
[10:01] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Marion :)
[10:01] Marion698: tala everyone:)
[10:01] sнαяк вαιт (starlight.serenity): hello
[10:02] Miranda Barrowstone: Shark bait whoo haa haa
[10:02] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): lol that's ok peaches
[10:02] Peaches2U Camino: blushinggggg
[10:02] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance – please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and HUDS.  We’d like you to dress low lag.  Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, HUDS, and such.  If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing.  Thank you for your help with this.
[10:02] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): i once accidentally serenaded a sandbox with "let's get it on" because i didn't realize my mic was on
[10:02] Peaches2U Camino: hahahaha
[10:03] Mahogany Dejavu: hahahahaa
[10:03] Bernice Galtier: lol
[10:03] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:03] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): nobody said anything but i imagine thhey got a few good chuckles in at my expense, lol
[10:03] Miranda Barrowstone: probably better than the stuff I randomly sing...
[10:03] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): haha
[10:04] Celtic Infinity: heehee
[10:04] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): i mean, if you're gonna accidentally serenade a sandbox full of people... could do worse than marvin gaye
[10:04] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Speaking of which, Little Richard. :(
[10:04] Miranda Barrowstone: people would get seranded by show tunes and parodies
[10:04] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early.  Please don’t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going.  We don’t repeat things for latecomers – a log is posted on our blog after the meeting.  This is not a place for public debate – this is a helpful place.  Mer helping mer be mer!
[10:04] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): ohhh yeah i heard :( i liked little richard
[10:04] Peaches2U Camino: they did not say anything, must have been good^^
[10:04] Miranda Barrowstone: ㋡
[10:04] Miranda Barrowstone: To get all the information out there in our limited time – we use an imaginary talking stick.  Ask for it in IM when you have a new topic to introduce and I’ll call on you in turn.  If you have been passed the talking stick, please move to center stage and share a brief announcement/question/topic.
[10:05] Miranda Barrowstone: Some discussion is great – but please quickly offer to give a notecard or landmark if people will IM you (that’s why we ask you to move to center) so that others will have a turn. When you have finished please pass the imaginary talking stick back to me.
[10:06] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority here is helping newer mers – so please if you are new and with questions – please feel free to speak up.  I do lead strongly because otherwise we tend to move to chaos – but we all try to remember the priority – mer helping mer be mer.
[10:07] Miranda Barrowstone: so, how was yer week merfolk. also happy mothers day tommorrow to all the moms, and dads or siblings that have to be mom.
[10:07] Celtic Infinity: It was way too stressful, but school's over now, so I'm ready for Summer!!! How about you, Miranda?
[10:08] Miranda Barrowstone: looking foward to custard tart.
[10:08] Celtic Infinity: mmmm... with fruit?
[10:08] Miranda Barrowstone: yep
[10:08] Celtic Infinity: yummy!
[10:09] Miranda Barrowstone: I preordered it for mthers day since my daughter and I do the shopping
[10:09] Celtic Infinity: They have those at our farmer's market... which sadly isn't happening now, of course. :(
[10:09] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): i just made some soup, myself. idk what to call it, but it's got various veggies, some kimchi, and some lentils. pretty tasty stuff.
[10:09] Peaches2U Camino: made pancakes^^
[10:09] Celtic Infinity: me too, Peaches!
[10:10] Miranda Barrowstone: aww :( I hear there atre farmer markets online.
[10:10] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Love soup for breakfast.
[10:10] Celtic Infinity: egg drop soup
[10:10] Celtic Infinity: and bacon
[10:12] Miranda Barrowstone: oooh sounds good.
[10:12] Miranda Barrowstone: Send me an IM if you have a question or something to share with the group, and I will let you know when it is your turn.
[10:12] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen) whispers: Speaking of which, gonna go grab some tea.  BRB
[10:12] Mahogany Dejavu: mmmmm tea
[10:12] Celtic Infinity follows Sylvan
[10:12] Miranda Barrowstone: quick annoucments
[10:13] Miranda Barrowstone: Ad boards are awesome because they can help newer mers find places to swim.  If you need mer traffic, please consider renting an ad board.
[10:13] Celtic Infinity cheers for ad boards
[10:13] Miranda Barrowstone: Perks include helping the group and being allowed to post ads in the group twice a day. add in the fact that ANYONE can ask for the stick and that is great exposure.
[10:13] Miranda Barrowstone: you might also consider being a hang out.
[10:13] Celtic Infinity cheers for hangouts
[10:14] Miranda Barrowstone: also we have gacha machines if you love gacha check them out if you have a gacha machine you can place one, ask an officer.
[10:15] Miranda Barrowstone: with out further ado please welcome cyntha
[10:15] Celtic Infinity cheers for Peaches... I mean, gachas!
[10:15] Miranda Barrowstone: -=*giggles*=-
[10:15] Celtic Infinity claps for Cynthia
[10:15] Cynthia Maine: Tala all!!
[10:16] Mahogany Dejavu: Tala Cynthia!
[10:16] Cynthia Maine: I have a message from Dale Irata: I'm working on a big RL/SL sailing event called Summer Sailstice which will happen on June 20.
[10:16] Cynthia Maine: We're trying to bring in a lot of RL sailors (as well as the SL ones), and I think it could be huge fun for all if some of our SL mers showed up.
[10:16] Cynthia Maine: Please take a look at our Website and the official Sailstice site so you can see what I'm talking about.
[10:17] Cynthia Maine: IM me with questions, or Email me:
[10:17] Cynthia Maine: A chance to show the humans what mers are about
[10:17] Miranda Barrowstone: oooh if pirates show up it could be a battle
[10:17] Miranda Barrowstone: -=*giggles*=-
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: Visit the Safe Waters Foundation web site and event calendar at
[10:18] Bernice Galtier: Pirates!
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: Watch the videos, check the mer hangouts, and learn more about Safe Waters Foundation.
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: Facebook users, look for my group, "Merfolk" and request to join.
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: I have a shop in the Mer Mall. It is called Gold Mermaid and it is located on the east side of the mall.
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: There you can find many of my items including the Turtle Companion (latest version 4.61), Karson Compass, and Weather Window.
[10:18] Cynthia Maine: I also have a land shop (Sea Maine) in the Gull's Wing estate with more items. Gulls Wing Marina (73,193,23)
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: Landmarks to my shops can be found in my profile picks.
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: My Marketplace shop is at
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: Join me this evening at 6pm at Bailey's Esprit Mer Gardens for a DJ show featuring upbeat tunes from yesterday and today.
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: I have a notecard highlighting real estate options in Fanci's Deep. IM me for a copy.
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: There is one location available.
[10:19] Cynthia Maine: Real estate rentals help keep Fanci's Deep and Safe Waters open for everyone to enjoy.
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: Do you have a Mer Mall Shop?  A number of shops are available now.
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: There is a community of real life merfolk at
This is for those interested in buying/making/using mer tails in the real world.
[10:20] Cynthia Maine: Thank you all!  Back to you, Miranda!
[10:20] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:20] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:20] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Starlight :)
[10:20] Miranda Barrowstone: also there are donuts if any one wants
[10:21] Mahogany Dejavu: That you, that sailing event sound awesome.
[10:21] Mahogany Dejavu: thank you*
[10:21] Miranda Barrowstone: ok who would likwe the stick next?
[10:21] Miranda Barrowstone: sounds fun I'll try to get anti in there
[10:22] Miranda Barrowstone: no other shares?
[10:22] Miranda Barrowstone: ok then Celtichuu I choose you
[10:22] Celtic Infinity giggles
[10:22] Miranda Barrowstone throws a poke ball
[10:22] Mahogany Dejavu laughs
[10:22] Celtic Infinity pops out of the ball
[10:23] Miranda Barrowstone: -=*giggles*=-
[10:23] Celtic Infinity uses awkward blithering
[10:23] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): lol
[10:23] Celtic Infinity: (it's not very effective)
[10:23] Celtic Infinity: Tala, everyone!!
[10:23] Mahogany Dejavu: ¨°o.O Tala O.o°¨
[10:23] Mahogany Dejavu: Celtic
[10:23] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:23] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[10:24] Celtic Infinity: It's the last weekend of Fantasy Faire!!!!!
[10:24] Celtic Infinity:
[10:24] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): Woooo :D!
[10:24] Celtic Infinity: Please make sure to visit!!!
[10:24] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): definitely
[10:24] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): the sims are soooo good this year, and there's some really cool worldling builds at junction
[10:24] Celtic Infinity: You can find our info booth at Melusina's Depths here... Melusina (31,42,11)
[10:25] Miranda Barrowstone actually did a full circle around
[10:25] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): nice!
[10:25] Celtic Infinity: And you should definitely check out Miss Jj's acclaimed Siren's Song exhibit here... Melusina (31,42,11)
[10:26] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): yesss
[10:26] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): rhodan helped me script something cool for that build :)
[10:26] Celtic Infinity: Yes, there are so many wonderfully built sims! It is always sad that the Faire lasts such a short time.
[10:26] Miranda Barrowstone: it does look pretty cool
[10:26] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): thanks miranda!
[10:26] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miss Jj and Rhodan! Our clever mers. :)
[10:27] Mahogany Dejavu: yay
[10:27] Celtic Infinity: Does anyone have any recommendations of sights to see at the Faire before it closes?
[10:27] Celtic Infinity: Any favorite regions or stores or sights?
[10:27] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): lunafae
[10:28] Bernice Galtier: I loved Spirit Valley of Kuruk
[10:28] Miranda Barrowstone: I was in the Kuruk rp it looks pretty cool.
[10:28] Bernice Galtier: So many gorgeous regions
[10:29] Celtic Infinity: Very cool! :)
[10:29] Miranda Barrowstone: the bards garden is gorgeous though
[10:29] Celtic Infinity: I agree!
[10:30] Celtic Infinity: Well, if you haven't visited the Faire yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.
[10:30] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): brb
[10:30] Celtic Infinity: Tomorrow is the last day.
[10:31] Celtic Infinity: Additionally, as usual, I will promote our means of event promotion. That's promotion squared!
[10:31] Bernice Galtier: lol
[10:31] Celtic Infinity: Please check out our event calendar...
[10:32] Celtic Infinity: If you have events to promote, please let us know so that we can help you!
[10:32] Celtic Infinity: If you know of anyone who hosts underwater events or wants to but is not sure how, send them to us and we'll help thm as best we can.
[10:33] Miss Jj (jj.yowahoshi): i actually have to go.. being pulled away irl.. have a good meeting everyone, and see you at the faire!
[10:33] Celtic Infinity: Lusa em, Jj!
[10:33] Celtic Infinity: Does anyone have any questions for me?
[10:34] liltuliptoes79: yes
[10:34] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Lusa em and farewell, Miss Jj.
[10:34] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): OK, caught up.  Nifty about the sailing even in june.
[10:34] Cynthia Maine: yes
[10:34] liltuliptoes79: if a train leaves boston to boulder colorado at the same time a train leaves from boulder to boston the first one is traveling at 70 mph and the second at 95 mph how long before the meet?
[10:35] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Oh gods, here comes the maths!
[10:35] Mahogany Dejavu: laughs
[10:35] Miranda Barrowstone: think they have seprate tracks. there wouldn't be a crash
[10:35] Celtic Infinity: I think they will meet at the McDonald's in Peoria at 9pm on Monday.
[10:36] Celtic Infinity checks her maths and nods
[10:37] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): I know the tracks a bit around Colorado. It'll be difficult to avoid each other.  The train system is like spokes coming out from a few major cities. :P  (ya, I'm being nitpicky)
[10:37] Celtic Infinity: Thank you for your attention and patience. :)
[10:37] Celtic Infinity hands the stick back to Miranda with a custard tart impaled
[10:37] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): TY Celtic.
[10:37] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): 888]
[10:37] Miranda Barrowstone: whoot! *noms*
[10:37] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:37] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:37] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): I'll be happy just to get some shortbread made this weekend.
[10:38] Miranda Barrowstone: okay who else would like the stick?
[10:38] Celtic Infinity: mmm... shortbread
[10:38] Miranda Barrowstone hands Syl some shortbread
[10:38] Celtic Infinity: so much better than sweetbreads
[10:38] Miranda Barrowstone: now that I think about it I really wanna make butter cookies
[10:39] Celtic Infinity: Now that I think about it, I want to eat butter cookies!
[10:39] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Hehehe
[10:39] Miranda Barrowstone: okay anyone for the stick? or shall I go then we can resume the incredibly tempting cookie reveiw?
[10:39] Bernice Galtier: ummmmm cookies
[10:39] Miranda Barrowstone: okay I'll go
[10:40] Celtic Infinity claps for Miranda
[10:40] Miranda Barrowstone: Tala I'm Miranda  and I come from Antiquity.
we have 16 sims to swim through, homes available, shopping spaces, mer spots, and active groups.
[10:40] Miranda Barrowstone: We are inclusive, furries, humans, kids  etc are welcome with open arms, we allow for merfolk toplessness underwater, but we're careful around humans because I've seen people faint at the sight of an ankle... please don't ask me what that is.. all I know  is humans have them.
[10:40] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:41] Miranda Barrowstone: We are glad to welcome back our old crafting system under the new name TCS. With it we can raise and harvest land foods and seafoods.
cook, eat them, we can use kelp for ropes  etc its a lot of fun
we have a mer center where you can look at crafters and stoves or seen them in use in certain sims
[10:41] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): *burps some brackish water* Scuse me
[10:41] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:41] Miranda Barrowstone: we also make cookies with them
[10:42] Miranda Barrowstone: So if you have any questions, or need lms please shoot me an im. Persu em ㋡
[10:42] Miranda Barrowstone: now back to our cooking show
[10:42] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): THinking of tossing some cheese enchiladas in the oven.
[10:42] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): TY Miranda. :)
[10:42] Miranda Barrowstone: np ㋡
[10:43] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda
[10:43] Miranda Barrowstone: hrmmm are cheese cookies a thing? it sounds like it should be a thing?
[10:43] Celtic Infinity: I think so.
[10:44] Miranda Barrowstone: ((lol rl kid is nw up in arms adament that cheese cookies should not be a thing
[10:44] Bernice Galtier: Cheese straws
[10:44] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): There was a restaurant in St Louis, MO that made these lovely cheese & chive biscuits.  They had a crackin' clam chowder, too.
[10:44] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:44] Celtic Infinity: good example, Bernice!!!
[10:45] Bernice Galtier: Now I want to make some
[10:45] Celtic Infinity: That sounds awesome, Sylvan!
[10:45] Miranda Barrowstone: meet me in st louis
[10:45] Celtic Infinity: Have yourself a merry little cheese cracker.
[10:45] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): The chowder had a hint of cinnamon. It transformed chowder for me. :)
[10:45] Miranda Barrowstone: holy shrimp
[10:46] Bernice Galtier: shrimp bisque...
[10:46] Blithe Binder (blithe.lorefield): I had the best roe crab soup in my life when we were at Colonial Williamsburg.
[10:46] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Some of those air breathers' spices really hit the spot.
[10:46] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): What stood out about it, Blithe?
[10:46] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): *is heating up the oven as we type*
[10:47] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:47] Miranda Barrowstone: I wanna make those red lobster chedder biscust. I have never been to red lobster so I wanna do the copy cat recipe
[10:47] Celtic Infinity: Those biscuits are amazing, Miranda.
[10:47] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): That's an easy copy cat recipe to find.
[10:47] Blithe Binder (blithe.lorefield): Sometimes you find it too much, like it's been on the ocean floor too long.  This was velvety creamy and subtle.
[10:47] Miranda Barrowstone: I did not now roe crab soup was a thing. now I shall not rest until Itry it
[10:48] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Not all briny then? :) If I'm gonna eat the air breathers' food stuffs, I want it to taste different than what we get down here. :)
[10:48] Blithe Binder (blithe.lorefield): It's better with the females.
[10:48] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Female, crabs?
[10:48] Miranda Barrowstone: landers do make some good food
[10:49] Miranda Barrowstone: but they went nuts over my shrimp donuts... had a good business for a while
[10:50] Blithe Binder (blithe.lorefield): Well, you need the eggs, or roe, to make the best soup.
[10:50] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): There's a great donut shop just down the road from us, 2 mi away, but I rarely get things there.  Too dangerous. I love that they fill the filled donuts at the time of order, not ahead.
[10:50] Celtic Infinity: That's a rarity, Sylvan!
[10:51] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Yup
[10:51] Miranda Barrowstone: I used to make some killer beignets
[10:51] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): I don't know if they've made it through this quarantine, but I'm hoping that since they are a comfort food, they've done okay.
[10:51] Miranda Barrowstone: I wanna try making donuts with custard filling though
[10:51] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): And for meat eaters, they make piggies in blankets with full size hotdogs, including jalapeno hotdogs.
[10:51] Celtic Infinity: I'm afraid we're going to lose a lot of small local eateries.
[10:52] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Mmmm, custard filling.  With chocholate frosting on top, my fave.
[10:52] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): We lost a ramen shop already.
[10:52] Celtic Infinity: :(
[10:52] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Cash flow is the life blood of any restaurant.
[10:52] Miranda Barrowstone: I personaly favor butter creame but yeah
[10:52] Miranda Barrowstone: why many are still open for togo
[10:52] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): *nods*
[10:53] Miranda Barrowstone: I wonder if anyone ever made red velet donuts
[10:53] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Around here, the governor allowed pubs to serve drinks to go.  I was impressed they'd be that laxed, but hey, gotta survive.
[10:53] Miranda Barrowstone: I wanna get a deep fryer and try
[10:54] Miranda Barrowstone: okay confirmed they exist
[10:54] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): I've not, Miranda. I just found a recipe to make simple donut holes out of yogurt & flour.  I bought some extra oil to fry them in, but I'm determined to make some.
[10:54] Miranda Barrowstone: and my now my family wants them
[10:54] Celtic Infinity: Does anyone recommend air fryers?
[10:54] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): For donuts, Celtic?
[10:54] Miranda Barrowstone: I wanna try that I heard they are healthier
[10:54] Celtic Infinity: For anything.
[10:55] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): I've heard some good things about air fryers, but they aren't all created equal.
[10:55] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Gotta shop around.
[10:55] Celtic Infinity: I've heard good things, but don't know if they're really any good.
[10:55] Miranda Barrowstone: air fryer for chicken sounds good
[10:56] Celtic Infinity nods
[10:56] Miranda Barrowstone: we wanna get a dehydrator cause I wanna make jerhy and fruit leather
[10:56] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): There was something recently that caught my eye that's done in an air fryer.  Trying to remember what.
[10:56] Miranda Barrowstone: and mix them together and I can make pemican
[10:56] Celtic Infinity: ah!
[10:56] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): If your oven goes down low enough, you can use that as a dryer, in pinch, Miranda.
[10:57] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): in a pinch*
[10:57] Miranda Barrowstone: it goes down to 270
[10:57] Celtic Infinity pinches Peaches
[10:57] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): I think she's snoozing :)
[10:57] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:57] Miranda Barrowstone: I think.. i might go lower haven't tried in a while
[10:58] sylvan steinbítur (sylvan.mortensen): Ya, test it and see.
[10:58] Miranda Barrowstone: I used it to do poly clays so yeah I'll check it again
[10:59] Miranda Barrowstone: loks like that time
[10:59] Celtic Infinity nods
[10:59] Cynthia Maine: 'tis
[10:59] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned.  Remember our SWF Goals:
- To assist those considering a mer life
- To increase awareness in the general public that there is a mer option
- To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
- To promote the conservation of RL oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
- To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
[10:59] Celtic Infinity: Thank you, Miranda!!!!
[10:59] Cynthia Maine: Thank you, Miranda!
[10:59] Miranda Barrowstone: yer welcome
[11:00] Miranda Barrowstone: I'll see what I can find on air fryers for you
[11:00] Celtic Infinity: Thank you all for joining us today! Please have a happy and healthy week and visit the Faire!! :)
[11:00] Marion698: lusa em:)

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