Meeting Minutes

Safe Waters Foundation Meeting 9-26-2020

[10:01] Miranda Barrowstone: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly Merfolk Support Group.  I will be leading today's meeting.  Welcome new and old merfolk and friends!
[10:02] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life,  We bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:02] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda ♥
[10:02] Aria Songlark: Tala Peaches :)
[10:02] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance – please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and HUDS.  We’d like you to dress low lag.  Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, HUDS, and such.  If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing.  Thank you for your help with this.
[10:02] Peaches2U Camino: WOOT for Miranda
[10:02] Celtic Infinity: Huggles Peaches and Sylvan :)
[10:03] Miranda Barrowstone: tala cel, Peach ㋡
[10:03] Peaches2U Camino: Huggles Celtic and Sylvan
[10:03] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): Tala to all.
[10:03] Peaches2U Camino: taloha all
[10:03] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Fina! :)
[10:03] Aria Songlark: Fina :)
[10:03] Cassiqua Aurelia: Tala!
[10:03] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Tala
[10:03] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): ㋡
[10:03] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): ㋡
[10:03] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early.  Please don’t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going.  We don’t repeat things for latecomers – a log is posted on our blog after the meeting.  This is not a place for public debate – this is a helpful place.  Mer helping mer be mer!
[10:03] Aria Songlark: beams
[10:03] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): smiles
[10:04] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): tala everyone!
[10:04] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Max
[10:04] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Tala
[10:04] Miranda Barrowstone: hey Max please make yourself comfortable. please make sure not to obstruct anyones veiw
[10:05] Miranda Barrowstone: there ya go thanks
[10:05] Sloan Vaughn: tala Marx
[10:05] Miranda Barrowstone: Some discussion is great – but please quickly offer to give a notecard or landmark if people will IM you (that’s why we ask you to move to center) so that others will have a turn. When you have finished please pass the imaginary talking stick back to me.
[10:05] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): Tala Max
[10:06] Miranda Barrowstone: To get all the information out there in our limited time – we use an imaginary talking stick.  Ask for it in IM when you have a new topic to introduce and I’ll call on you in turn.  If you have been passed the talking stick, please move to center stage and share a brief announcement/question/topic.
[10:06] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority here is helping newer mers – so please if you are new and with questions – please feel free to speak up.  I do lead strongly because otherwise we tend to move to chaos – but we all try to remember the priority – mer helping mer be mer.
[10:06] Miranda Barrowstone: So, how was your week merfolk?
[10:07] Celtic Infinity: It was good, thanks! How was yours, Miranda?
[10:07] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): great ty
[10:07] Miranda Barrowstone: not bad
[10:07] Aria Songlark: It went..swimmingly? *grins*
[10:07] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Great thanks!
[10:07] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:07] Miranda Barrowstone: gonna bring the plants in soon
[10:07] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): was not bad ^^ woke up in time for meeting *giggles*
[10:07] Peaches2U Camino: blogging class was cancelled again on wed, my only day off
[10:07] Miranda Barrowstone: lol Aria
[10:07] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): aww :(
[10:07] Aria Songlark: I am excited for the Mer Swim :D
[10:07] Peaches2U Camino: but it led to a good thing
[10:08] Miranda Barrowstone: I got to sleep around 5 am s I'm surprised I made it
[10:08] Peaches2U Camino: ooooh you did goooood
[10:08] Celtic Infinity: eeeps
[10:08] Miranda Barrowstone: lol thanks
[10:09] Miranda Barrowstone: I started practicing the ancient art of fan fiction and got in to a writing binge
[10:09] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ^^
[10:09] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): what fandom?
[10:09] Miranda Barrowstone: She-ra
[10:09] Celtic Infinity: Nice, Miranda!
[10:10] Miranda Barrowstone: it ended and the fandom is depressed
[10:10] Miranda Barrowstone: ㋡
[10:10] Miranda Barrowstone: okay enough about me, shoot me an im if you need the stick
[10:11] Miranda Barrowstone: quick reminders announcements for the new folks)
[10:11] Miranda Barrowstone: Ad boards are awesome because they can help newer mers find places to swim.  If you need mer traffic, please consider renting an ad board.
[10:11] Miranda Barrowstone: Perks include helping the group and being allowed to post ads in the group twice a day. add in the fact that ANYONE can ask for the stick and that is great exposure.
[10:12] Celtic Infinity cheers for adboards
[10:12] Miranda Barrowstone: you might also consider being a hang out.  those are great because you get a list of places to hangout or swim through
[10:12] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): what is a  hangout please?
[10:12] Celtic Infinity cheers for hangouts
[10:13] Miranda Barrowstone: its a place that is generally set up to relax in
[10:13] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): sounds great
[10:14] Miranda Barrowstone: you can chat or explore it helps you find new sims
[10:14] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): ㋡
[10:14] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): awesome ㋡
[10:14] Miranda Barrowstone: and with a handy note card you'll find them fast if you need a quick get away
[10:15] Celtic Infinity: We're hoping to add some more hangouts soon!
[10:15] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): smiles great
[10:15] Miranda Barrowstone: sweet please all welcome Aria
[10:15] Aria Songlark: beams and floats on over
[10:15] Miranda Barrowstone: Aria the stick is yours ㋡
[10:15] Celtic Infinity claps for Aria :)
[10:15] Peaches2U Camino: WOOOOOOOOT!
[10:15] Peaches2U Camino: you can do EEEEET!
[10:15] Aria Songlark: grins - Tala everyone :)
[10:16] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Aria :)
[10:16] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Tala Aria
[10:16] Aria Songlark: Okay so, I'm building my home halfsim into an enchanted elven/merish paradise, and I started to look around the sea near me, wondering how to shout, Hey, Mer stuff here!
[10:16] Aria Songlark: And saw the SkySigns
[10:17] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ^^
[10:17] Aria Songlark: so I got a bit creative :p
[10:17] Aria Songlark: And have started making mermish skysigns, fullperm, for everyone - Just atm, as they have to be made out of base prims, so are a bit primmy :)
[10:18] Celtic Infinity: Nice, Aria!
[10:18] Aria Songlark: These are what I've made so far :
[10:18] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Very nice Aria!
[10:18] Celtic Infinity: Cute!
[10:18] Sloan Vaughn: very nice
[10:18] Aria Songlark: 82, 34 and 30 land impact respectively - but I'm trying to make much lower ones
[10:18] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): amazing!
[10:19] Aria Songlark: It's just going to take a bit lol
[10:19] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): oh, Aria - are those prim?
[10:19] Peaches2U Camino says in mermish Nulma
[10:19] Peaches2U Camino: Nulma (NOOL-mah): Love
[10:19] Peaches2U Camino: the mermaid!!!!!
[10:19] Miranda Barrowstone: oh wow
[10:19] Aria Songlark: yes, they must be in prims, and phantom and only visible from above :)
[10:19] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): oh I see
[10:19] Peaches2U Camino: they are linked, right?
[10:19] Aria Songlark: and curves do not always translate well
[10:19] Aria Songlark: yes
[10:20] Aria Songlark: You put them between 375 and 390
[10:20] Aria Songlark: meters
[10:20] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): you might be able to mesh them with Mesh Studio...
[10:20] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): which I have *wink wink*
[10:20] Aria Songlark: and every couple of days SL takes a snapshot
[10:20] Celtic Infinity: :)
[10:20] Aria Songlark: You can't use mesh
[10:20] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): I see
[10:20] Aria Songlark: or textures
[10:20] Peaches2U Camino: squeals^^
[10:21] Aria Songlark: Anyways, that is my Show & Tail for today :D
[10:21] Celtic Infinity: Such an adorable idea, Aria :)
[10:21] Peaches2U Camino: hahahahah
[10:21] Peaches2U Camino: show n tail, lolol
[10:21] Sloan Vaughn: a very nice idea!
[10:21] Aria Songlark: I would like to give them to Safe Waters to hand out to anyone :)
[10:21] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): giggles
[10:21] Celtic Infinity: Thank you so much for sharing!
[10:21] Miranda Barrowstone claps
[10:21] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): yes thank you Aria
[10:21] Aria Songlark: swims off and hands the sticks back
[10:21] Miranda Barrowstone: okay next up is Sloan ㋡
[10:21] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:21] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:21] Miranda Barrowstone: ^.^
[10:22] Celtic Infinity claps for Sloan
[10:22] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) claps!!!
[10:23] Sloan Vaughn: My Show and Tail for today is this fine couple Kaelia and Nigel.... for after meeting them in another realm, they were so struck with mer, that they felt they had to join us here and find out what it's all about ....
[10:23] Sloan Vaughn: please stand up and introduce yourselves
[10:23] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) claps!!!!!
[10:23] Celtic Infinity: Wonderful, Sloan!
[10:23] Celtic Infinity: Welcome to Safe Waters, Kaelia and Nigel!
[10:24] Cassiqua Aurelia: Welcome!
[10:24] Aria Songlark: claps and waves "Tala!"
[10:24] Sloan Vaughn: please join us Nigel
[10:24] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Thank you Sloan, Tala everyone its nice to meet you all
[10:24] Sloan Vaughn: if you have anything to say ?
[10:24] Sloan Vaughn: both of you?
[10:24] Miranda Barrowstone: welcome ㋡
[10:24] Miranda Barrowstone: so how long you been mers?
[10:24] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): We are new to the Mer life in SL and are excited to be here
[10:24] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): tala, you two! welcome to the mer life ^^
[10:24] Sloan Vaughn: they are shiny new Mers
[10:24] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Just a few weeks but have been interested for much longer
[10:25] Miranda Barrowstone: sweet
[10:25] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): Tala  everyone
[10:25] Celtic Infinity: Yay! Welcome to the deep!
[10:25] Miranda Barrowstone: so have you found any faverite places?
[10:25] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): so  nice  to be  here  and  learn
[10:25] Sloan Vaughn: I hope they become more involved in our community and lifestyle and intersts
[10:25] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Yes we have found some great places to swim and met many mer folk
[10:25] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): we  sure  will be  looking around
[10:25] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Yes we are very excited to become involved in the community here
[10:26] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ^^
[10:26] Peaches2U Camino: WOOT!
[10:26] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): take your time and explore ^^
[10:26] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): you all  seem  very   nice
[10:26] Sloan Vaughn: I will let them speak for themselves...
[10:26] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): ㋡
[10:26] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Thank you and we look forward to getting to know you all ㋡
[10:26] Sloan Vaughn hands the stick back to Miranda
[10:26] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): so great  to  meet  such friendly  Mer  folk
[10:26] Miranda Barrowstone: thank you ㋡
[10:26] Celtic Infinity: We're very happy that you found us. :)
[10:27] Miranda Barrowstone: okay Celtic yer up
[10:27] Celtic Infinity: Greetings, Mel :)
[10:27] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[10:27] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): we  are very happy as  well
[10:27] Mel (Lyndon Mai): hey underwater creatures
[10:27] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): tala, Mel ^^
[10:27] Celtic Infinity: Tala, everyone! I hope you're all having a good day!
[10:28] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): very good  ty
[10:28] Peaches2U Camino: Yesah
[10:28] Miranda Barrowstone: please make your self comfortable Cel was just about to share ㋡
[10:28] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ooh a board
[10:28] Mel (Lyndon Mai): this makes me fancy fiash and chips
[10:28] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) wrinkles her nose
[10:28] Miranda Barrowstone: we have plenty of seats
[10:28] Mel (Lyndon Mai): is this AA
[10:29] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): silly landers, burning perfectly good fish in hot oil...
[10:29] Celtic Infinity: I wanted to remind everyone that today at 2pm slt there will be an epic tour.
[10:29] Miranda Barrowstone: no this is the safe waters foundation
[10:29] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Oh sweet love to attend the tour
[10:29] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): sounds  great  ty
[10:29] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): oh... it's today
[10:29] Celtic Infinity: It is being hosted by the Leeward Cruising Club.
[10:29] Miranda Barrowstone: that is undoutedly epic
[10:29] Aria Songlark: waves a tail fin about excitedly, like she has a burning question about the Big Swim
[10:30] Mel (Lyndon Mai): love a bit of cruising
[10:30] Celtic Infinity: It begins and ends at the Nantucket Yacht Club.
[10:30] Mel (Lyndon Mai): so this is not AA?
[10:30] Miranda Barrowstone: no mel it is not
[10:30] Celtic Infinity: These are both sailing organizations, but they've been kind enough to reach out to use and ask us to join them.
[10:30] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): what's AA?
[10:31] Mel (Lyndon Mai): alcholic anonymous
[10:31] Celtic Infinity: There will be a dance at the end of the cruise at the Nantucket Yacht Club.
[10:31] Miranda Barrowstone: cel has the stick Fina I'll explain later
[10:31] Celtic Infinity: There is an underwater dance area under their dancefloor, so we are invited to the party. :)
[10:31] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) nods
[10:32] Sloan Vaughn: when is this cruise/swim/dance?
[10:32] Miranda Barrowstone: sounds fun
[10:32] Sloan Vaughn: how will we get notified?
[10:32] Mel (Lyndon Mai): so is anyone here an alcoholic
[10:32] Miranda Barrowstone: Celtic has the stick. this means she is trying to tell us something
[10:32] Celtic Infinity: I have an LM to the starting point if anyone wants one.
[10:32] Aria Songlark: Yes please
[10:33] Sloan Vaughn: I think I'm a member there already  to that yacht club
[10:33] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): may I have one too, please?
[10:33] Miranda Barrowstone: I'll take one please incase I can go
[10:33] Celtic Infinity: Please IM me and I'll pass it to you.
[10:33] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Can I have one too please
[10:33] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): sounds great
[10:33] Peaches2U Camino: may i have one again please
[10:33] Bernice Galtier: May I have one too, please?
[10:34] Mel (Lyndon Mai): I'll have what they are having
[10:34] Peaches2U Camino: hahahha
[10:34] Miranda Barrowstone: lots of interest ㋡
[10:34] Mel (Lyndon Mai): so I have been sober for three months
[10:34] Celtic Infinity: If anyone is into sailing and wants to sail the route, I also have HUDs. Actually, I'll pass the HUDs along with the LM.
[10:34] Peaches2U Camino: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:34] Peaches2U Camino: Thank you
[10:34] Celtic Infinity: I'm not sure how the HUDs work, but they help you follow the route without getting lost.
[10:34] Sloan Vaughn: that would be great Celtic I'm also a Sailor
[10:34] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): my comp kinda dies during long sailing routes X_X
[10:34] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): we  love  to  sail
[10:34] Miranda Barrowstone: aww
[10:34] Mel (Lyndon Mai): it has been a rocky journey but I feel on track now
[10:35] Miranda Barrowstone: mel please, we're not here for that
[10:35] Mel (Lyndon Mai): I need to stand in my truth Miranda
[10:36] Celtic Infinity: I'll use this as an opportunity to remind you about our events site...
[10:36] Miranda Barrowstone: this is not the forum
[10:36] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) claps loudly for the website ^^
[10:36] Miranda Barrowstone: please show respect
[10:36] Celtic Infinity: You can find this cruise as well as other underwater events on this site.
[10:37] Celtic Infinity: If you or anyone you know hosts underwater events, please let us know so that we can help promote them.
[10:37] Celtic Infinity: One of the Safe Waters Foundation's goals is to promote ALL underwater activities.
[10:38] Celtic Infinity: So, let us know about them... or if you're interesting in hosting one... and we'll help you get folks to show up. :)
[10:38] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): yay! thank you soooooo much Celtic ^^
[10:39] Miranda Barrowstone: ㋡
[10:39] Aria Songlark: Claps!
[10:39] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Thank you Celtic
[10:39] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:39] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:39] Miranda Barrowstone: you cel :)
[10:39] Celtic Infinity: There will be more activities with LCC and NYC in the future. The more we participate, the more events they will have that include us... which means more opportunities to do fun things. :)
[10:40] Celtic Infinity: Does anyone have any questions for me?
[10:40] Peaches2U Camino: we should try to dress low lag
[10:40] Peaches2U Camino: for all the region crossings?
[10:40] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ooh yes...
[10:40] Celtic Infinity: Yes, I think you're right, Peaches.
[10:40] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): that's always a good practice
[10:41] Celtic Infinity: I'm sure every little bit helps in events like these.
[10:41] Aria Songlark: You should and relog before you start, so if you crash, you come back in the outfit you are swimming in
[10:41] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) flaunts her impressive 24k complexity ^^
[10:41] Peaches2U Camino: and its a nips cover3d event?
[10:42] Celtic Infinity: Ya know, Peaches... they never mentioned that.
[10:42] Celtic Infinity: I guess, with as many sims as it's crossing, better safe than sorry.
[10:42] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): when in doubt, just go shells on ^^
[10:42] Celtic Infinity: Exactly, Fina.
[10:42] Aria Songlark: The usually have a DJ too
[10:42] Aria Songlark: *they
[10:43] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ooh fun!
[10:43] Celtic Infinity: Yes, usually DJ Night does their dances.
[10:43] Celtic Infinity: Okay, that's all from me. I'll send the info to everyone who IMed me.
[10:43] Celtic Infinity: Thank you all for your attention!
[10:44] Peaches2U Camino: WOOOOT!
[10:44] Miranda Barrowstone: and thank you ㋡
[10:44] Celtic Infinity hands the stick back to Miranda with a stack of blueberry pancakes impaled
[10:44] Celtic Infinity: cuz it's national pancake day
[10:44] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ooh that looks tasty
[10:44] Miranda Barrowstone: oooh *noms and hands the stick to Peach leaving a pancake*
[10:44] Peaches2U Camino: oooooh
[10:45] Miranda Barrowstone: by the way yer up
[10:45] Peaches2U Camino: Tala!
[10:45] Peaches2U Camino: All
[10:45] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Tala
[10:45] Peaches2U Camino: Glaaaaaad to be here!!!!
[10:45] Peaches2U Camino: accepts the talking stick and the remaining pancake
[10:45] Peaches2U Camino: mmmhmmm
[10:45] Peaches2U Camino: thmk ymu
[10:46] Peaches2U Camino: Had to say.. CELTIC is sparkling!!!!
[10:46] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ^^
[10:46] Peaches2U Camino: normallly not nervous
[10:47] Peaches2U Camino: today...all nerves
[10:47] Aria Songlark: You got this Peachy!
[10:47] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) gives coffee ^^
[10:47] Celtic Infinity cheers for Peaches
[10:47] Peaches2U Camino: have had a bare shop in SWFMALL for a long time
[10:47] Peaches2U Camino: Awwww ª_ª
[10:47] Peaches2U Camino: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[10:47] Peaches2U Camino: Thank you
[10:47] Peaches2U Camino: finally opened a baby fins shop for the K-Mae babies
[10:47] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): I haven't been there for a while
[10:47] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): OOOOO CONGRATS!!!!!
[10:47] Miranda Barrowstone: sweet
[10:48] Aria Songlark: YAYYYYYYYYYYYY
[10:48] Peaches2U Camino: K-Mae has their own Region full of shops
[10:48] Peaches2U Camino: not one was available, THAT popular
[10:48] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): do they fit  zooby babies  ?
[10:48] Peaches2U Camino: no
[10:48] Peaches2U Camino: is another baby like Zooby
[10:48] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): ok ty
[10:48] Peaches2U Camino: or Funsies
[10:48] Celtic Infinity: Yay, Peaches!!
[10:48] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): ok
[10:48] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): Go you, Fishy Fruit!
[10:49] Peaches2U Camino: and their babies are.....ready?
[10:49] Peaches2U Camino: 50 whole lindens
[10:49] Miranda Barrowstone: dang
[10:49] Aria Songlark: and cute as buttons!
[10:49] Peaches2U Camino: because the creator wanted everyone to be able to afford to have one
[10:49] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): great  idea
[10:49] Peaches2U Camino: i requested fins for the babies and the creator made them
[10:50] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): 5000  for  a  baby  is  a lot
[10:50] Peaches2U Camino: only two types so far
[10:50] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Sounds great is there a LM for where we can get them?
[10:50] Peaches2U Camino: Cherub (cute cabbage patch looking babies)
[10:50] Peaches2U Camino: and NC or Non Cherubs
[10:50] Peaches2U Camino: same size only slender like a toddler
[10:50] Peaches2U Camino: when my Blogging class was cancelled
[10:50] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): thanks!
[10:51] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): great  ty
[10:51] Peaches2U Camino: i decided to tour the K-Mae region again
[10:51] Peaches2U Camino: found an empty shop and GRABBED IT
[10:51] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Sweet
[10:51] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): Yay!
[10:51] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Will go peek later
[10:51] Miranda Barrowstone: sweet
[10:51] Aria Songlark: fistpumps the air!
[10:51] Peaches2U Camino: am the first and the only MerAssociate
[10:51] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): yay
[10:51] Peaches2U Camino: so i have a shop here, and have one in the region with the babies now
[10:51] Celtic Infinity: :D
[10:52] Peaches2U Camino: and the creator made another fin
[10:52] Peaches2U Camino: its for newborns
[10:52] Peaches2U Camino: so yesss, i will be making fins for that baby as well
[10:52] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): I'll be curious to see how that turned out.
[10:52] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): (The newborn fin)
[10:53] Peaches2U Camino: they are animesh
[10:53] Peaches2U Camino: you can only wear one animesh item or baby
[10:53] Peaches2U Camino: unless you are premium
[10:53] Peaches2U Camino: then you are able to wear two
[10:53] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): so  very  cute
[10:53] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): well  done
[10:53] Peaches2U Camino: thanks^^
[10:54] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): grar... random disconnect
[10:54] Peaches2U Camino: will be glad to pass out lms to the shop
[10:54] Peaches2U Camino: any questions?
[10:54] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): please  do
[10:54] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): WB Fina
[10:54] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): we  want  one
[10:54] Sloan Vaughn: may I have a LM?
[10:54] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): maybe   two
[10:54] Peaches2U Camino: sure, will pass out after i sit down
[10:54] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): ty
[10:54] Sloan Vaughn: thank you
[10:54] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): Is there any thought of animating the tail, or is that a no-go?
[10:54] Peaches2U Camino: passes stick back with Peach Cobbler and pancakes
[10:54] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): thankies Sylvan
[10:55] Miranda Barrowstone: oooh thank you *having filled up on pancakes passes the stick and pancakes to Sloan
[10:55] Celtic Infinity claps for Peaches
[10:55] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Claps for Peaches!
[10:55] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) claps!!!
[10:55] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): well  done   Peaches
[10:56] Aria Songlark: claps like mad
[10:56] Sloan Vaughn: This is rare that I do so much talking at the meetings... but I found something I just have to share...
[10:56] Celtic Infinity: Welcome, Ellie :)
[10:56] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): tala Ellie ^^
[10:57] Sloan Vaughn: I don't know about some of you, but I get really frustrated when going to an mer club and my bento tail doesn't look good with the mer dance animations...
[10:57] Celtic Infinity: amen, Sloan!
[10:57] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): yes  I  would  love  to  find  a    great  tail
[10:57] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Me to
[10:57] Ellie (EllieOlivia1 Resident): Tala Fina
[10:57] Sloan Vaughn: I recently found a bento dance show... and I picked up some belly dancing animations... I will demostrate, I think they go very well weith mer tails
[10:57] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): ㋡
[10:57] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Tala Ellie ㋡
[10:58] Sloan Vaughn: show =n shop
[10:58] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): I try to wear a mesh non-bento non-5J tail for dancing
[10:58] Sloan Vaughn: they are not cheap but they are maginificent
[10:58] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Oh where do you get the dance from?
[10:58] Ellie (EllieOlivia1 Resident): Tala Kaelia
[10:59] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): nice! ^^
[10:59] Sloan Vaughn: there's a whole set at....
[10:59] Sloan Vaughn: PARAGON DANCE ANIMATIONS - MAINSTORE, Tonkinese  (200, 192, 36)
[10:59] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): is this a legger dance or a mer dance?
[10:59] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): It looks like a legger
[10:59] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): great
[10:59] ೋღ Ƙαєℓια Ŋιℓȿ ღೋ  (kaelia SpiritWeaver): Looks great
[10:59] Nigel (NigelNils Resident): looks amazing
[11:00] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): it does look amazing
[11:00] Sloan Vaughn: Ithought they worked well with the tail, there's 8 dances in the pack
[11:00] Celtic Infinity: Nice :)
[11:00] Miranda Barrowstone: nw if I can only get a bent in my size
[11:00] Miranda Barrowstone: bento*
[11:00] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): from my experience, normal mesh tails work okay with legger dances
[11:01] Sloan Vaughn: anyway, I don't have the LM to hand out but it's
[11:01] Sloan Vaughn: PAR PARAGON DANCE ANIMATIONS - MAINSTORE, Tonkinese  (200, 192, 36)
[11:01] Miranda Barrowstone: its 11. I'm gonna adjorn but you can keep going after that.
[11:01] Sloan Vaughn: you can plug that SLurl into your map and find it
[11:01] Celtic Infinity: Thank you, Sloan!
[11:01] sylvan steinbítur (Sylvan Mortensen): There's a popular bento tail that can freeze when using anims. Wish it would still move, but oh well.
[11:02] Miranda Barrowstone: its better if you copy the slurl from the map that way it links to the chat
[11:02] Sloan Vaughn: passes the talking stick back to Miranda
[11:02] Miranda Barrowstone: ~~~Persu Em~~~
[11:02] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[11:02] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned.  Remember our SWF Goals:
- To assist those considering a mer life
- To increase awareness in the general public that there is a mer option
- To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
- To promote the conservation of RL oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
- To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community

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